You can't say that the last Saturday of September…

…was an ordinary day if you consider two things. First – changing the old part of Brasov into huge playground. Second – “magic number”, which was six: 6 teams in 6 different places tried to complete 6 missions related with the city.

It wasn’t difficult to find out first localization, even if it had been given as a puzzle. Everyone in Brasov knows two twins tower behind the city’s wall. But distance between the Colors Office and the Black Tower wasn’t short. Especially, if the Master of The Game – Sercan forbade players using city transport, bikes or cars. So they need to run! And they did it! After run and climbing (a little bit) they met Oggy and Furkan…







Contrary to the first, the second localization wasn’t so easy to recognize. The team, who had finished mission in Black Tower as a first one, completely lost in the city. They wasted time and forces on running between points in different part of the old town. Because of that they lost their first position and finished the game almost the last. But they weren’t the only one, who had problems with finding correct place:
– We tried to locate this place from the piece of picture. My first impression was: St. Nicholas Church, but there isn’t Brasov’s letters behind it. So I fought, that we had made a mistake and we should be more focus on the letters. They were a clue – told to me Emilia, one of the players.

Finally all teams recognized in the pictures….










the Ecaterina’s  Gate, and had no problems with next mission.


Despite of climbing close to the Tampa, turning pages in searching for underline words to make from them a story, was favourite task for the future winners. This love story, as they discover at the end, led them to the… bench:

– It was the most funny and the easiest task in the same time – said Johny, from the winner’s team – we knew where was this bench. There was only one stone bench on this alley.


Next step was the Black Church. Here players should proved if they were heedful beholders or not:

– We had problem with finding “jumping boy” and taking good, sharp picture of him – admitted Andre, 14 years old, dark haired boy, member of the second placed team – It was the most difficult task.

Not for everyone. Elegant grey lady, Nicoleta, who played in one team with small, lively Tea and blond bloger Emilia, liked this task the most:

– I love finding small things among bigger and pay attention to the details – she said with beautiful smile.










Two last localizations and missions weren’t so problematic. Maybe except for one team which probably never before have been in Casa Muresenilor. But “call to friend” solved this problem 😉






It was interesting to observe how players managed with phone code. Some of them were using only cell, some looked for help in traditional method – pencil and paper, and Raul… Raul didn’t need even cell to broke the code. He knew by heart relation between numbers and letters in his phone and without any blink read from numbers way to the next stop. Now we know who has been sending the biggest number of SMS in Brasov 😉






The game finished on the main square, Piata Sfatului.






Both – players and we – were happy and in good mood. For us it was like a warm-up, test before next round. Cuz… Mission Colors: the ghost town, is coming soon! Be prepared!

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