The stupidity killed the Fanstasy


 Why some people try to destroy us and why we give them the opportunity to do it?  


 You had great ideas, you had special ideas.  Probably too much ideas in your head. You used to think that everything was easier than it really is. But you realized that´s not true. An maybe, who knows, you couldn´t make them a real thing, they were just ilusion, or it wasn´t the correct moment for it. Time is very important, more than other staff.

 Of course you´ve changed with the time, now you´re different, and don´t become depressive, because I´m sure you are a better person now. So think in the positive way, don´t get sick because a small reason. Think only about the important, don´t make yourself lost. 




 And I tell you this because I know that you´re a person, like me, like your neighbour, like your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, like your mate, like your friend, like your teacher… because I am a person like you are, and I know how hard it sometimes is to live in this world, full of falseness, lies and stupidity everywhere. And you must know that you also are part of it, you´re not perfect and you must give you an oportunity, and give oportunities to others. But be yourself: ALWAYS. 

 The changing process needs time, happening in a natural way, without the stress of our lifes, so don´t expect have a total change from one day to the next.  And don´t pay attention to <DREAM KILLERS>. Yes, because I realized that some people in this world, they gave up on their own dreams, and they´re only happy destroying the deams of others. Or probably they spent lots of energies in order to get their dreams, and in their frustration they wanna destroy yours.





 I did things that I never suposed I could do. Maybe I wasn´t prepared for it, maybe I was afraid about it. But I´m toattly happy believing that a change is possible.

 Don´t allow the stupidity kills the fantasy inside you. You´re harder, and then you´ll be alive while your deams will be alive inside you.

Believe in you, be pacient, don´t permit others keeping you down. Trust yourself.



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