Halloween 2012 has been different for all the volunteers who work as EVS in Brasov. We  prepared a lot of games and a contest in order to choose the scariest pumpkin and, despite of the horrible weather that made us almost frozen, we had a really good mood. Yeah, the winter is arriving and Halloween was one prove of it!

The atmosphere seemed like if in a real scary move, because some of the volunteers put some music really cool and dark! at 17.30 pm started to be darkness. We played some games: slalom, bowls….children started to arrive, step by step. Even some of them came with an authentic dress of Halloween. For instance, some girls from high-school came and they worn clothes like witches and many kids as a zombies and ghosts. Most of them felt very engaged with this tradition and they came with very original creations of pumpkins. At the end, almost two hundred pumpkins adorned with its light the sport track of Scoala Generala nr 13, in Tractorul neighborhood. Although this is an American tradition, it was a good opportunity for implementing activity, creativity with children, teenagers, parents and teachers.

At the end of the afternoon, the jury chose the scariest pumpkins, the smallest one, ….. lot of prizes were distributed among the winners. In some point I felt the tentation of cooking some stew with all this pumpkins….if I would have to use all of them, I think that I could feed almost all population living in Brasov! Finally, I didn’t cook nothing, but I took one of the pumpkins designed by the volunteers and decorated my home. I think that my washer is the scariest one over the city!

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