Adi's World

Adi always comes from the school running as a horse. But today it isn’t the same because Adi has a strange face. His thinking draws a question mark and crosses his forefront from the left to the right. Today he is silent, calm and breathes as the princess Rapunzel, waiting into her tower to her blue prince.

Now, Adi is in the kitchen. His head is looking to the floor. He seems to be in a different world, however, he is very tied to the reality.

–          Mummy, what is a Dictatorship? – Asked Adi.

–          What? –  answered his mum.

–          Well, today in class of history we were studying over our past and I didn’t understand very well.

–          What did you misunderstand?

–          I still don’t understand why one man could have such a big power. I don’t understand why only one people can be so blind, without seeing how other suffer.

–          Baby, that’s true. Dictatorships are bad. This kind of system forbides all kind of individual thinking which is against of the official regime. I remember that in this period, communication was difficult.

–          Why?, Adi said.

–          Because a Dictatorship is made by a Government that doesn’t care about opinions from the majority. They use the policy considering that their point of view is the only one correct.

–          But a Government should listen to the people, doesn’t it?  This is the real meaning of a Government.

–          Yes, but Dictatorships executed the power without taking in consideration some aspects of the law. I mean, Dictatorships concentrate all decisions in one hand.

–          Mum but, why Dictatorships existed?

–          Because we are human.

–          And…it means that human are bad?

–          No, baby, don’t let me wrong. Sometimes, when people get the power, don’t know very well how to use it.

–          Ah!…but …if a dictator has the favor of the people, it could be better, doesn’t it?

–          Yes, of course. But in this case is not so easy, because most of the dictators used the force in order to get their objectives.

–          That’s wrong. I feel sad.

–          Adi, could you bring me a bit of salt, please baby?

–          Yes mum – said Adi. And his face expressed a sad gesture.

–          Come on, don’t be sad. I only asked you for a bit of salt…I am not a dictator…

–          Mum, I think that, from now, I am a bit scared about humans.

–          Jajajaja, well, that’s good. You must know that not all people are good, but also not all people are bad. Today, you learnt what it is a Dictatorship. Maybe you feel sad, but wiser. If you ever get any power, you already know that most of the dictators were defeated by their own population.  So, you shouldn’t be a dictator.

–          Are you crazy mum? I will have a lot of friends…. and two girlfriends.

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