Why don´t you understand? (Part II)


Come on, try to understand!

I wrote some months ago an article titled  <<Why don´t you understand?>> and I supose that only the people who wanted to understand they really tried to.

It sometimes happens some people they don´t understand, but the biggest problem is that they don´t want to understand. So when you find that kind of people, let´s do nothing, just don´t pay attention to them because you can spend your energies for nothing.


People who are trying be right all time, who never thought about feeling of the others, who are living more in the lives of other people than their own lives, who want to use you all the time (maybe because they were used by others time ago). That kind of people I call <<Great Dictators>>. Maybe all of us we have a Little Dictator inside us, but not all of us become a Great Dictator. It´s so important the communication among persons, so important the sociability… from time to time, because one reason or other, the devil is winning to the angel of their soul.




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