Favourite movies

I also like cinema though I must recognize my knowledge about this topic is not very big. I wanna share some movies I´ve watched in my life that I really recommed. The winter time is comiing soon and the best plan is stay at home.



1. The thirteenth floor







– Director and year:  Josef Rusnak, 1999 (USA & Germany).

– Gender and duration: Fiction, 100 minutes .

– Little explanation:

A group of scientist makes a great discovery which is gonna change definitively the      percepcion of human about itself and the world around it.





2. Lucky Number Slevin


– Director and year: Paul McGuigan,  2006 (USA).

– Gender and duration: Thriller/action. 109 minutes.

– Little explanation:

Slevin Kelebra and Mr. Goodkat are working together in a special case and they´ll try to be                succesfull, even when it´s too difficult. They must prepare a revenge during years. A really                      interesting movie which is gonna make you interested every time, for sure.





3. Apocalypse Now








– Director and year: Francis Ford Coppola, 1979 (USA).

– Gender and duration: War, 153 minutes.

– Little explanation:

Considered the greatest war movie in history. FF. Coppola decided to make it in the     Phillipines islands, when te country had its own war. The movie is about Vietnam War   (1963 – 1975) and tells the story of Coronel Kurtz and Captain Willard, they both will     find each other in the most difficult conditions, when war is lost for americans





4. Little Miss Sunshine







– Director and year:  Jonathan Dayton, 2006 (USA).

– Gender and duration: Comedy, 101 minutes.

– Little explanation:

Olive is a small girl living in USA and her dream is become the new Miss Sunshine, the beauty  competition winner. Her family crosses all the United States in a big car in order to participate in       it. The best comedy I´ve ever watched.




5. Into the Wild








– Director and year: Sean Penn, 2007 (USA).

– Gender and duration: Based in real story, 147 minutes (USA)..

– Little explanation:

Everybody knows it´s one of my favourite movies. Based in real story, Christopher      Johnson McCandless is totally sad and needs a big change in his life, very far away  from the false society we live. A movie everybody must watch, from my point of   view. The final part is hard but the movie is great.




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