Lost in Translation (chapter I)


Aitor and Merve were travelling around some point over the Mediterranean coast. This day, when the story started, was sunny. The sea was calm and clear atmosphere. It was 12.00 o’clock in the morning and Merve was lying on the prow of the boat. Aitor was checking the sails on the top of the dock. Then, he saw some strange clouds, but so far from them that he didn’t pay special attention. The couple spent all day long inside of the boat, cooking some fishes that Aitor caugh from the sea, and discussing about the rest of this trip. Suddenly, they heard sounds of waves and thunders. Aitor went out for checking what was going on. He told to Merve to keep inside, but she was very curious and couldn’t obey the advice. The sky was totally dark and a big storm began to shake the boat. Aitor tried to pick up the sails and in the meantime Merve looked for her bag. The fog was so intense that they couldn’t see anything. In this moment, an impressive electric ray touched the boat and illuminated the dark scene. It was the last time that Aitor and Merve saw one to each other….

Nobody knows how long they were lost into the sea, either what happened exactly after that ray….

Aitor woke up somewhere unrecognizable to his eyes. It was a hot day and the sun started to hurt his skin. He stood up slowly and took out of his mouth a rest of sand from the beach. Aitor saw the sea in a strange calm and had a vague feeling of fear. He tried to go back on the track to figure out what was he doing there. It was impossible. He couldn’t remember anything, either why, how or when he ended up in this portion of unknown land.

After a few minutes, he could stand up and check if some part of his body was damaged.  He had only a few bounces on his ribs and some scratches along his legs. He had lost most of his physical power but still had energy to walk till some place, to drink something and discover the name of that city. His first insight was “I think I am somewhere in the South”.

He was walking around the nearest streets and he looked some adverts and inscriptions written in a very strange language. Aitor laughed sarcastically and curled his hands into a closed fists. He couldn’t grasp anything and people around him seemed to speak faster than his ability to understand. Suddenly, a tourist bus crossed very close to him and he could read and memorize something useful: Kusadasi – Davutlar. He remembered this first name from a travel agency located close to his work. In this moment,  he guessed that he was in Turkey.

-“Oh, gosh, it will be a long trip”, said to himself.


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