Everything has its secrets

It seems that all playgrounds in Brasov look the same. Small squares with colorful toys for children in the middle and dark wooden bench around it. But if you look closer (especially at dusk) and more careful you can discover theirs secrets, things which you’ve never supposed to exist.

For example this playground close to our flat. Do you know the second bench on the left of entrance? Probably you set on it from time to time. Do you know that it’s not an ordinary bench? It can recognize your dreams almost immediately when you set down on it. It can not only recognize your secrets but also remember them and in the right time show it up! How? Your body, or if you prefer to call it your dreams, expectations or thoughts, leaves on it a shape from the light. This light shadow will still stay on the bench long time after you will have gone away. In this way I can tell you that the old lady from 5th floor is dreaming about men with the moustache from the 2nd floor; the small girl with a long red hair wants to have a cat and me …I avoid this bench like a devil avoids holly water 😉

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