Lost in translation: Istanbul (chapter II)

…When Aitor discovered that he was in Turkey, instinctively he thought “it will be a long trip”.

He woke up in the seaside of Kusadasi, in the South-West of the country. He was lost and he couldn’t remember anything: What happened before? However, He should continue his trip…to where? It doesn’t matter, but that place, thought beautiful, wasn’t his place.

First, he sought into his pockets any trace of money or documents. Nothing. Second, he asked to someone”what is the date?” : June 4th 2012. At least, this information gave him some practical ideas. He made hitch-hiking till Istanbul in order to take contact with any Spanish institution. When he arrived there, he visited the embassy of Spain, he got a passport and some money from his peers. Some of the employers from the embassy invited him to their home and he could get a bag with some useful things and food. Furthermore, he could have a warm shower. In the bathroom, Aitor could see his image in the mirror. Suddenly, the picture of a great storm crossed his mind and closed the eyes. He scared but this feeling was short in time and disappeared. When Aitor opened his eyes again, he could realize himself as healthy, in a good shape and still young. He smiled and prepared all in order to continue his trip. He shaked his hands for last time with his hosts and went out.

“Istanbul is great”, he though. He could bring to his mind some information about the city:  G. Flauvert also traveled to here and said that, in the future, Istanbul would be the capital of the world. Aitor felt lucky because he also perceived Istanbul as a rich, beauty and cosmopolitan city. In the way he saw a big bazaar and decided to go inside. In front of him, there were tens of small shops and impulsive sellers, who were offering traditional products: lahmacun, sakuska, patlikan kebab, koban salatasi,  cacik, ezo gelik and lots of national products. He took something to drink and walked around the stands.  He saw a bright and colorful shop and stopped to see the ornaments. Suddenly, a beautiful woman stopped next to him. Then, both of them looked to each other and smiled. The woman bought a traditional scarf. In a while, Aitor kept in the same position, looking to her.

-Hello foreigner, are you lost? The woman said.

–  Well, something similar – but suddenly, he changed his speech, considering his real situation such a long and unknown, and he decided to present himself as a traveler.


– I mean, I am lost into this bazaar, that’s amazing. I am Aitor, from Spain. I came here because one of my friends recommended it to me.

-Ah! That’s great. Usually I come here and buy some bargains. I was born in this neighbor. Do you like the city?

– Yes, for sure! It’s great. I still didn’t visit too many places but my feelings here are intense.

– It’s good. Well, I have a bit of time till the lunch, would you like to take a coffee?

-Of course! I do. So, what is your name?

– I’m Merve.

Again, an image of a horrible storm crossed his brain. He couldn’t explain why this weird feelings, why this strange images into his mind. But Merve made him to feel something. Aitor touched his stomach in a gesture of pain. Merve become worried: are you ok Aitor?…are you ok? The image of her started to be dizzy….Aitor fainted.

When opened his eyes, he smetl to jasmine. He was in the Merve’s home. The atmosphere was quite comfortable and the space was designed in  a Turkish modern style.  Merve studied fine arts and her sense of style was pure and sharp.  On the table, a cup of hot Turkish coffee was waiting to him. They’re speaking all day about history, art and music, and Aitor felt attraction to her. They became closer, and closer. And don’t know how, but Aitor found his fingers playing with  Merve’s hair. Aitor though “there’s no stop, I’ll kiss her”. She caught his intention and decided to take part. She sat on the top of him and rounded his waist with her legs. Suddenly, he touched the TV remote by mistake and the image appeared in the screen. It was an international new offered by an English channel: “We already don’t know the causes of this accident. The surveillance services found the boat completely empty one week ago, in the Mediterranean Sea. The rescue services are still seeking the area, but for the moment, no one knows what could happen. However, we guess that a Spanish person was in the boat because of its international reference code”. Aitor couldn’t believe it. He still didn’t have complete memory, but something burned into him…

-I’m sorry Merve, I have to go.

– Are you sure? Is something wrong? You can keep here if you don’t feel good.

-No, thank you very much. Yes, I have to do something important. It was great to meet you. Perhaps in another occasion.

Merve gave him a book as a kind of souvenir for his visit. In the outdoor, Merve hugged him and whispered to his ear: “Beware the bridge. See you soon”. Aitor couldn’t understand the entirely meaning of it, but he didn’t have much time. In the street, he felt strange and run, run, run till the train station.


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