Conversation with Alexandra

Hello, I am Alexandra, but my friends call me Alexa or Ake. I was born in Brasov in August 24th, 1991. Nowadays I am studying chemical engineering with specialization in environmental protection.

….She is shy and patient, and likes to find her own happiness by helping others. Despite of her modest posture, she is an authentic dreamer. All nights she falls asleep, thinking in her future trip around South Korea, whose architecture, customs and culture fascinates her. She likes to imagine herself with a back-sack, some money and her dog, running around the world and living a great love-story…..Actually, Alexandra is not only optimistic, but also a great romantic! Her favorite book is “Wthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, and Patrick Swayze her favorite actor since she saw for first Dirty Dancing. Perhaps this personal view of love, cinema and travel represents an inflexion of her soft and attentive character. She likes animals and has a parrot called Cipi. One of her favorite activities is to go through the mountains and visiting the sea during the summer.

She is modern and likes advanced techniques …a good prove of it is when she talks about her favorite event in the History of Romania…”When the communism fell in 1989, otherwise, I couldn’t have o many things which are so important for me, like technology tools and freedom”

1.       Describe in a short sentence your impressions about your city. What Does Brasov represent for you?

I love so much Brasov, because I admire its History and it is surrounded by nature, mountains, Being here you have so many places to visit.

2.       What do you like to do in your free time?

Go out with my friends, listening music, reading, shopping, relaxing and so forth.

3.       What did you study and why?

I study Chemical engineering. I like my choice, If I could chose again I would do the same. I study how to save the nature, the planet, the air that we breathe, it’s amazing.

4.       There was someone who influenced this choice?

Anyone influenced me. I accidentally applied to it, I mean, I didn’t know in depth what I would study. At the beginning, I wanted to run away from my mother’s choice. She liked literature. Actually, I like to read but only for my pleasure. Finally, I decided by myself because I didn’t want to destroy this passion.

  1. 5.       What would you like to do with your work in the future, the practical application or job that would you like to be involved in?

I would like to work somewhere, it doesn’t matter where. For me the most important is to be able on  enjoy with my work. If I do what I like it doesn’t matter where, I only want to be involved in my field.

6.       Why did you decided to work as a volunteer?

I  became volunteer in high-school at one hospital called Hospice Casa Sperantei, because my grandpa was sick and I wanted to do something in order  to help him and others like him. There, I used to work within activities in relation with creativity workshops, cleaning. Sometimes I used to read book with children. Merely staying and entertaining them, because those people were very sick (cancer), so this hospital take care of them. On the whole, I helped them to forget a bit about this.

And after 2 or 3 years from this experience, I wanted to do something with my life, I ment, to be involved in activities, to meet new people.

7.       What thing, knowledge or value do you expect to take from this experience? Do you think that this would be useful in your future?

I feel more open mind, learning how to deal with others, listening different points of view, learning some things about others. I practice how to be creative and active, and yes I think this will be very useful in my life: both, in my future job and with my family.

8.       Till now, what was the best moment as a volunteer?

This question is very difficult for me because I had lots of beautiful memories with all the volunteers, kids, seniors. I can’t remark only one.

9.       For you, what are the most difficult challenges as a  volunteer?


Speaking English, using imagination and playing with small children.

10.   Describe in one word how do you feel working as a volunteer.




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