Last time one movie made a huge impression  on me. Director is a German guy Werner Herzog and title is “Grizzly man”, which is documentary from 2005. Main character Thimoty spent 13 summers in  Katmai National Park and PreserveAlaska the place full of grizzly bears.  Overtime  he believed that beard trust him and do not heart him. Somehow he believed also that he protect bears from bad people.  Unfortunately final is not so happy like all story. Bears ate him late summer. Timothy was  with his girlfriend and she also was kill by bear.

My conclusion are leave alone wild animals, humans interfered in nature to much so far. Because of Thimoty two bears were kill, the same bears who killed him. To took back rest of his  body forest warden had to kill two bears.  It was not fair play.


Romania has most bears in Europe.  There live around 6000 bears.  Lucky county! Just let them live in their natural environment. Respect their rules. They want live here like we want.


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