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On summer, cultural events increase and fill easily magazine’s cultural agenda. However, setting aside this seasonal trend… it seems that Brasov wants to grow culturally! I got surprised when I knew about Brasov Best Film Festival. It promotes communication and work made by students, an opportunity to show and share ideas. Of course, no one can know what will happen within these amateurs career. But is true that this kind of events which support and develop creativity among young people make the difference with respect to doing nothing, and means a seed for future plans, solid projects and fruitful connections between people who have the same interests. This is the fifth edition, what means a sign of permanency (that also should be accompanied by increasingly quality and competitiveness) if routine, lazyness and public support (both, institutional and people) don’t make it go down.

The Festival itself is managed and conducted by students. Curiously, some of them will propose their own short films, also included in the Festival program, which offers three days of full activity. Furthermore, local projections share participation with some of the most recognized Romanian films and make a good plan for hanging out the next weekend. The calendar starts on Friday 18th of May at 19.00 pm in Reduta Cultural Center with a special presentation with directors and some producers. Later, it will take place a projection called Bee Moldovan, a documental from Republic of Moldova and France.  I have read that projections will continue on Saturday, with special works and will end up on Sunday 20th May with a projection and a party in the social night club “Commitet”.

For the beginning, I think that I have a good plan on Friday evening. I didn’t see Bee Moldovan before. Even it will be projected in Brasov for first. But, as far as I know, it is a good work about dictatorship regime and History about Moldavia. I don’t know too much about Moldavia’s politic regime, but this is a good occasion for increasing my knowledge and learning a new point of view from some of the witness of this historical period of Moldova.

Here, I attach the official trailer and the website where you can consult the program.


Trailer bee moldova


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