Time to say goodbye

I have déjà-vu because the party with our dear seniors last Thursday . We started adventure with Romania on Woman’s Day Party and we’ve finished it with Mask Party. The energy, positive altitude and happiness from dancing “brasoveanca” was the same, or even bigger than year ago. Looking at our guests I wish to be in such a good dance condition as they are.

Sometimes I reflect who helped whom during the last year? It’s naive question, cuz each meeting is exchanging process more or less intentional. But it’s a good start point to say multumesc all of people whom I met, who gave me positive energy and support. So, multumesc – Anna, Anca, Bogdan, Carmen, Carmen Athe, Claudia, Luci, Iris, Oggy, Mireille, Mahila, Sercan, Kike, Furcan, Madalina, Marilena, Alexandra, Raul, Izabella, Laura, Haita Anna (“Esti frumoasa – Ştiu”), Nelli (that you show me how to be puternica and independent:), Ana Pana (for advice how to be forever young – remember only good things), Viorica (for possibility to discover your active and creative life;).

And now… now it’s time to say goodbye.

But before that ….

Oggy said that he can pack all his things in small rucksack in 10 minutes. I wish I could say the same. But during this year I collect new objects. A lot of useful things… with defects which make them less useful, more surrealistic but still nice 🙂 According to Viorica’s words on crochet meeting last Wednesday – “Imagination is more important than patterns” – maybe you could play with me small game?

Use your imagination ^^ and try to guess this object, which remainds me that nobody is perfect, but thanks that world is more interesting:

So for the beginning let me introduce you Shy Lady in Blue….

It’s not easy to read all stories which she knows from her “face”. She keeps secrets hidden deep in her heart. She isn’t like an open book, although she has read a lot of them. You can only imagine in which wonderful, amazing places she was with Readers. Although her cable doesn’t allow her leave the room, she was in

… other galactic?



“Through the Looking-Glass … What She Found There”?

Nowy folder (2)


Maybe she met there girl with small defect? Green Girl opens her arms wide above ppl heads… She wants to protect them, but this small button on her skirt makes a big noise in shops and put potential owners off her. So she is almost so lonely and sad like rain again which  she wants protect people. Can anybody rescue her?


Could it be this guy who wanted to be a rock star


Or become the first racket in the world, winner of Wimbledon, Australian Open…


But instead of that, he became… housewife, master of pancakes?









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