Hellooo everyone I am from Turkiye.. My name is Oğulcan. I am coming from Kuşadası.. There’s one of touristic city of Turkiye so yeah i know it’s crazy thing to come here from touristic city where i can see always sun, sand, sea but…..

I was selected tby Asocıatıa Colors as a volunteer. So I am glad to be here. I just wanted to discover something like new cultures, new people, I wanted to shared experiences or get experiences. Suddenly ı found evs program and projects. I was interested to see some balkan countries so i choosed to Romania then i checked the Projects. And one of them was too interesting to me. And i applyed it and i was selected !

We are here 5 volunteers from different countries. From Poland, Spain and Turkiye. Everyone is cool i think. I am sure that it will be a great experience for all of us. I like to travel and learn. I would like to learn Romanian language. And ı wanna learn also how to cook myself. Anyone interestes to teach me ???

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  1. FURKAN ARISOY says:

    That’s good explanation and declaration dear Ogulcan 🙂

    Hope we join you soon

    enjoy your time and live the moment.

    Your affectionately,


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