Some parts from my trip

I was in my country in christmas.. I had really good time. I seen great parts of Turkiye. I really want to say thank you so much to Carmen Blazquez.. She was with me all trip long and we had really good time together..



İstanbul is a transcontinental city. This picture taken between Europa and Asia in Bosphorus.


Capadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia. We stayed there 2 days long. And it was incredible.


We had chance to see Ankara which is capital of Turkiye.


  Pamukkale..The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water.


İzmir is one of the oldest cities in the world with a history, which stretches back over 8,500 years. ( Also city where i was born )


 Ephesus..The city was famed for the Temple of Artemis (completed around 550 BC), one of theSeven Wonders of the Ancient World. 


Şirince is one of the oldest old Greek city which is famous with wines.


And my paradise Kuşadası..


And picture of trip 🙂

'' Mom! White things are falling from top!!! ''

She told me that i had said this sentence when i was 3 years old.. It was something that i can not remember. I was speaking with my mom today and i told her do you remember when i ve seen first time snow mom ? And she told me yeah 3 years old when we were vacation in winter. She was cheating me with ” Look eat this white cheese and it will be snow..everywhere white. ” ( i also dont remember’s just dairy of my mom 🙂  )

But when i think about snow…

İts the reason that not leave the window,

The most worthy thing on tree branches after birds..

Romance trigger, atmosphere cleaner.

The most wonderful attraction of nature.

The Snow… In my opinion, the most romantic nature event on earth. Imagine no matter how old are you or who you are.. Snow makes you kid, you just throw snowballs or doing snowmans or try to ski..


Wine, snowball, snowman, many times fall down ( i done first one today ! ) and hot chocolate series at home.. I feel so happy that i will live this kind of things in this winter.  First time in my life i had chance to watch snow from my window.. Okay i ve seen snow before in my life but .. I never took a walk in streets when it was snowing or i never opened window or go balcony try to catch some snow. I just have been to some snow resorts and get contact with snow and run back to my warm city.

The thing is that snow reminds me a white page in this dirty world. I wish that it could be easy to open a white page for everyone like wake up in the morning and see everywhere white.

But now i have to live in the city which is  full of snows. And i am thinking what can i do for this winter with snow. I am sure people who lives here sick of tired from snow and they are keep going their life as nothing happened with snow.. I am sure they will understand that i am foreign.. Because of my astonishment and abnormal movements.. It’s such a shame thing 🙂

What shall i say.. I hate you Mediterrian climate !

Enjoy your winter Brasov.



There's A Storm Coming Mr Wayne

You can not believe that i wrote blog like that..


İngredients :  1 liter Stejar

0,5 Ursus ( thanks to Kike )

Bombay bicyle club – Still

Regina Spektor – Hero

Cake – Friend is a four letter word

Some parts from : 500 days of summer / Sweet November


‘’ This is my story, i even didnt write my 2. Chapter of lost translation.. Cuz i can not find any inspiration.. I wanna write something now cuz i think i had found a inspiration when i was looking empty white walls.. ‘’


You are the guy who stays next to computer. You are alone but you never ever uncomfortable about it. You had some relationships..Or crazy nights or parties. And some how time is pass.. You watch ‘’ how I met your mother ‘’ And you emulation to main characters.. You start to think like Barney. Still may not be aware that you are not satisfied with your life.


And university.. Enjoy with people, investigate such things..


And you met with her. Speaking face to face, try to understand, discover her world. You fight long time for it. And after you start a whole new era in your life. Is it age or is just of her but something is weird.. But you could understand it after first kiss. The first time was not of necessity. It was so sincere for the first time. It was really innocent.. First time in your life you could watch your lover. When she drunks her beer or coffe or something else, you feel the taste of it in your mouth. You would prefer to see her in the nights and in the mornings.. I mean you would feel happy when you are with her.


Just as you would always try to predict the end of the relationship. But I told you a little bit different. “I think we cannot do” and go home and play with the computer is not so simple. You cannot imagine ‘’ what kind of fights can we have or what’s our limit ? how can I make her mad ? ‘’


You can think like Michael Scofiel ‘’ everything will be allright. ‘’


Somehow..Something happen and you can live first separation. You cry so much first time in your life but if you peace next day you feel so good.  It seems like,  stick your head into the water to keep your breath you know. So it is separation. When you take out your head from water, do you know first breathe ? Oxygen goes to your livers..  It’s a relief.


You say ‘’ I love you ‘’ first time with your all feelings. And you notice that first time this sentence is so important for you.  Love doesn’t deal, you can love a person without reason. Then you can think about yourself. But you can not tell it no one. ‘’ I wonder do I love you ? /  I wonder if I am in love with you ? What is love ? ‘’  then after you can find the answer yourself…


Definition of love is already subjective. You can’t find anybody as reference to yourself. It hasn’t got be any threshold. Then you think about ‘’ lover characters ‘’ Which is fact or fiction. Rose and Jack, Sofie and Julien, Clementine and Joe even Wall-e, Marla Singer..


But love look like brown.  You will never ever know about other 7 billion people will see brown like you one day. You will always love your brown. Like love, which is the most important word. If you look into her eyes after a bottle of wine and tell her with your all honestly.  If you think she deserves to hear this word. It’s mean that you are in love with her. That’s why you can tell it to her so easly. To her and yourself. Maybe Rose can used to not see Jack again. Sofie and Julien may endure for a long time. Clementine can afford to erase everything… But you and her is different. But you can’t stay without your brown. Your brown is much bigger than other’s blue, green, black. It’s really hard to explain ‘’ love ‘’ a person which has never ever tasted it.. It is as hard as tell a blind person ‘’ what is color ? ‘’ but you can discover about it when you have a love. So it is impossible to fool yourself that you are in love.


You can tell everything to her, she tells you everything also. She becomes the most important thing in your life. When you are kid you would cry about ‘’ if my parents dies one day ? ‘’ but with time this sentence can be more important then other ‘’ if we split one day ? ‘’ You can think when I started to love you like that. You can scared to make her bad. You can’t control your hands to play with her hair or touch nose or more things. More valuable than the most precious diamond.. Fragile, the most fragile than glass. So you afraid of breaking it.



Everybody talks something about you, everybody has a sentence like ‘’ a beautiful couple ‘’ some people talks good things, some people talks bad things. But nobody understands you..Nobody understands her. Then you can watch more ‘’ six feet under ‘’ in these days. You can see bigger pains then your pain.. you wish that ‘’ if i gone 2 hours late.. or if I woudnt see her in the road.. if I woke up  hour early’’ and we woudnt fight.


And suddenly you realase that you had changed. Yes people can change. You can realize small and big things when you are alive. People can change but they change varies for each other. Change due to each other. They change together.. You can have lots of things to live together.. Lot of dreams that you build inside of you. When you look into the future, you think your life with her. You can’t think nothing without her. Nothing has a meaning without her. Everything is empty.


And if a separation comes unexpected way and in unexpected time.. When your eyes full of with light.. You can’t accept it.. You can’t hear it. How much pain or suffering or how long it takes time if you don’t know. You dont want to let hopes dies.. You hope that love forgive everything..Maybe 2 of you need a chance ?

As Tom says to Summer :  You know what sucks ? Realizing that everything you believe in is complete and utter bullshit.



Lost in Translation

Aitor and Merve were travelling around some point over the mediterrian area cost.  In the day when this story starts it was a sunny day and calm. The sea was calm and the atmospher was totally clear. It was 12 oclock in the morning and Merve was laid on the prow of the boat.  Aitor was checking the sails on the top of the dock. He saw a some strange clouds but they were so far that he didn’t pay special attention. They spent all day long in the inside of the boat, cooking some fishes that Aitor got from the sea and discussing about the rest of this trip. Suddenly, they heard sound of waves and thunders. Aitor got out to check what was going on. He told to Merve to keep inside but she was so curious and coudn’t obey the advise. The sky was totally dark and a big storm just started to shake the boat.  Aitor tried to pick the sails in a while Merve was looking for her bag. The weather was so closed that they coudnt see eachother . In this moment an impressive electiric ray touched the boat and illuminated their face. Aitor and Merve looked last time one to eachother…

It was so dark… I don’t remember what happened.. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t do it and I heard some voices.. ‘’ por favor, levantese ,este no es lugar para dormır.. por favor.. ‘’ then I opened my eyes. There is a guy in blue uniform he was telling me something in Spanish.. I was still seeing everything blurred and I realize how my skin burn, how my head was paining.. It was seems like I was sleeping 4 days.. And the guy he was still telling me something. I have learned Spanish from Aitor. It was also one of the reason to met with him..

He was telling me rules of beach. Then I said in Spanish ‘’ vale, vale, he entendıdo ‘’ I just sat on the corner, I was in the shock. I was trying to remember what happened ? Where am I ? Who are this people? Where is Aitor ? And who is Aitor ? I checked my body and I saw 3 big lividity on my body. 2 of them on my leg and other one was on my arm..Then I started to walk inside of city. I scared a lot. I tried to understand people.. But I couldn’t do it. I was sure they were speaking Spanish but this accent was so strange.. I found a fountain. I washed my face and I drunk a lot water.. Even people were waiting me in-line. I was still walking and I was in shocked. I couldnt speak with no one. Then I decided to check my pocket. I had a bıt of money and some candies…

Merve wanted to be sure that is she in Spain or somewhere else ? She has never ever been to this kind of city. Even she couldn’t remember what happened to her. She saw a market.. She went to inside. She has checked to newspapers and she saw this names ‘’ El Pais- El Mundo – Marca.. ‘’ She was totally sure that she was in Spain then she checked the local newspapers and she saw the name ‘’ La Verdad Murcia ‘’ She got more exciting… She started to cry…

What did  happen to her ? How did she come here? Who was Aitor that she always remember this name ? How could she back to Turkiye….


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I was watching a movie about  Dictatorship….Then i decided to write something about it.


Dictatorship it means speaker…

You dont have to see something that you dont like..Dont forget you are a dictator, nothing can happen if you dont like..


Or we can say someone who can scream like Hitler ?

Well what can we say about Hitler’s sentences now ? In the present there is no sentence from him.

Come on just tell something from Musollini ?  What do you remember anything about his sentences ?

Josef Stalin, Saddam Husein, Francısco Franco and many of them..

What do you remember ? All of them has gone to same way and their destiny was the same.

Hitler coudnt stay more..Musollini..Franco..Saddam.. Noone can stay till the end.

Nobody wants to remember  them..Nobody wants to remember those days… Everybody remembers them with bad memories..

Dictatorship is not only in country.. It’s in family..It’s in the workplace.. it’s in public institutions..

Do you wanna be one of them ?

If a person wants to build a dictatorship..A recommend from me, it’s better if they try to take people’s heart.. With their respect..With their love with their behaviors..

Maybe dictatorship is screaming empty walls ?

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Heyy !

Ce faci ????

As you know we have an event 31 of October about HALLOWEEN !!!

Let’s check what’s Halloween !

As i know, according to Celtic summer  schedule that starts on 31 of October..In that time people believes that dead people can pass to the world. So that  the most terribly way to scare them, dressed and walk around then scream like böööööööö 😀  ( of course there is a lot meaning of halloween but..this one is cool ! )


Halloween is a common cultural values ​​of humanity, which has become one of the feast. For examble in my country we dont celebrate Halloween.. But for me it will be quite good to celebrate it in first time in my life. Pumpkins ? Hell yeah i never ever made a scary face from a pumpkin.. Cuz i prefer to eat them 😀  But that night i will have some respect to them.

Hmm maybe if you have the scariest pumpkin in competition… I can give up the eat pumpkins all my life long ! 😀

Let me give you some information in Romanian :  Decorează-ți bostanul și vino cu el, miercuri, 31 octombrie,
în curtea mare a Școlii Generale nr. 13 (cartierul Tractorul) pentru a-l înscrie în concurs. La ora 19 îi vom aprinde și vom premia cel mai mic,
cel mai mare și cel mai buhuhu bostan!

Înscriem în concurs bostani, indiferent de vârstă.
Taxă de înscriere 1 leu.


We will have great Halloween night.. Games, competition ( the scariest pumpkin, the smallest pumpkin, the biggest pumpkin…) and LOTS OF CANDİES !



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Brother from another mother..

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It has been long time that i coudnt write, i am not lazy i just dont wanna write.. Actually writing a blog is a good idea for examble even if i die this blogs gonna stay all the time in internet 😀 Anyway but i feel sad today cuz i said ‘’ good bye ‘’ to my one of the best person i have ever met in Romania..He is going back to Spain.. He teached me how to be brother from another mom & father..  He was always together with me.. He all the time support me, we had really good time all together.. I became all the time drunk with him. My time was great with him…

He knows how to enjoy, how to speak, how to be good person…And he has got a really big nose 😀

Good luck my bro !!!

We are on the way of  Delta..


His birthday present 🙂


Heili – Me- Ruben and lovely Romanian family

















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Oggy's way !

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Salut !

It has been long time that i didn’t write nothing.. Okay i am not lazy but i don’t find anything to write. Okay maybe i need to talk nonsense 😀

Have you ever heard story of ” the guy who tried to call friends in concert ! ”


2 volunteers who lives in the Braşov ( Sercan and Oggy ) they decided to go to Concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers..Oggy has seen the posters in May and they told about concert to their coordinator Claudia. After long waiting Claudia gave them to confirmation about concert. They bought their ticket, time passed very fast.. Before the speak with concert Oggy has spoke with his friends and decided to call them when playing their favourite songs.. Olga has choosed song ” Under the bridge ”, Carmen has said it doesnt matter, Oggy has choosed for Ruben ” Californication ” and he was thinking to call Claudia when they were playing to ” By the way ”

31.08.2012 :

They went to Bucuresti with their Balkan Flexible ( normally we should have used it 5 times but we used it almost 7 times ) Then they went to National Stadium for Concert.. They had really good dinner out of Stadium..And they started to drink beer in narrow strees.. ( because of prohibition )

When concert starts oggy and Sercan feels more happy..  And when Scar Tissue starts to sing, oggy suddenly called Carmen’s Romanian number… And it was close.. Then he tried Spanish number  and she opened her phone but  music voice was so up and it was impossible to talk from phone..And he didnt close his phone.. He waited a little bit and he put his hand up and waited like that 2 mins..Then closed the phone.. And suddenly olga’s song came…But olga had Polish number in her phone so that i coudnt speak with her ( even if she said she gonna use Romanian number for tonight..) when californication started to play oggy called Ruben…But Oggy heard something from his phone operator..First he coudnt understand then when he heard a word like ‘’ Credit ‘’ he understood that his credit finish… Problem was his credit over..So that he coudnt call Ruben and Claudia. It was sad but at least he made video record 😀

And end of concert Oggy left the concert area with great feelings..

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— I miss my room..

I miss decor of my room.. I got a big couch on the right side of room. Its a huge one, it’s for my friends ( who wants to sleep in my home ) Sometimes i stay there and enjoy or just lay and watch movie from there. My bed is middle of my room. And it’s a single bed ( to be honest i slept there with many people so that..even if single it doesnt matter :p ) the wall which is behind my bed, i have really big London table.. And on the left of table there is one poster of Lebron James.. On left side of my bed there is one big wardrobe..Next to it i have a worktable which is big one and full with books.. And opposite to my bed i have 2 big rack.. I have some presents which i took from people or some important things for me. On the racks i have a picture.. I forget to painter but its like : half women and she is saying  ” şştttt ”

I really miss to spent time in my room..

— Breakfast on the balcony

I miss to make  breakfast in our balcony.. I could see big mountains from our balcony its not that much far away from us. We usually do breakfast in  balcony. And our traditional Turkish breakfast is the best for me ! You can find lots of  olive, cheese, eggs with olive oil, toast, fresh domato and cucumber…And how can i forget about fresh tucks.



— Rush Hours !

We have a bus  and this bus is going to center.. But we have this bus in every 30 mins. The thing is that this bus is coming 5 mins late or 5  mins early.. Thats why i should run all the time 🙂 if you catch its ok but if you dont catch you have to wait 30 min more.

— Bars Street..

It’s really hard to find somewhere like Bar’s Street in Braşov cuz at 23.00 life is stopping here.. I really miss to go there with my friends and hang out till the morning with people which you like or be friend with a person which is foreign ( probably they re from irleand – england- belguim guys ) or make love with a foreign girl which you never remember face or some information about her next morning.

— Walk on the beach

I really miss to walk on the beach. Wherever you go nothing great like walk on beach 🙂 Probably whereever i go i usually use beach way.. When i am going to meet with my friends or  if i am going to cafe or if i am going gym or somewhere.. The funniest part all the time some of my friends are sitting in cafe’s and so that if they see me they call me to sit. And if i sit i usually be late to everywhere.


— Beer on the hill

I really miss to top of hill with my friends and watch the all Kuşadası. I usually go there and speak with fellas or drinking beer or just meet without alcohol 😀  or if we drink alcohol, we usually go  one game park under the hill.. And we were doing crazy things in that game park.. I really miss that funny times. We got lots of videos about that but its still our secret 🙂

— I miss to go to Gökay’s home.

My bestfriend Gökay lives in old part of city and there is famous with old greek houses. There is little bit top of city and if you wanna go there in the some point you can be out of breath. But its also so nice to walk in that part cuz you can feel the history. When you get in the home you can feel little bit tired but when you look from window all Kuşadası is under the your feets..


— Journey between cities.

I really miss journey between cities. In my country we have really big autobahns, we have airport in every city, comfortable, relaxed standard autobus companies, cheap airway companies. And even if  ship transport.. The thing is that in Romania connection between cities  not so good. A small examble : Our buses are going to a city in 2 hours but in Romania trains are going the same direction in 6 or 7 hours.. The thing is that our plane ticket and bus ticket almost the same price so that buses they are trying the give you best like : free drinks, we cakes or some snacks, confortable seats..


So i will keep going to write.. This is only first part.

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Buca-rest & Constanta !

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Merhabaaaaa !! Naaaber ?

I was in Bucarest and Constanta last week. It was great. And I really start to like about hitch hiking. Free car ! I told you in my last article hitch hiking too easy with Estonian girls but its not like that.. It’s easier with Polish girls.. It just took 2 min ! omg !

we met with so cutie couple. And they were going to bucarest visit someone. And funny part my one of polısh friend OLGAAA !  ( I wrote this name big because don’t surprise.. )  she wrote on paper like ‘’ BUKA   – REST ‘’ 😀



I was in Bucarest and Constanta last week. It was great. And I really start to like about hitch hiking. Free car ! I told you in my last article hitch hiking too easy with Estonian girls but its not like that.. It’s easier with Polish girls.. It just took 2 min ! omg !


Actually I didn’t surprise..because they are from Poland don’t panic 😀 And when we start to speak with driver, he told ‘’ I was trying to read what’s on it ! ‘’  So please trust polish people 😀  After this sweet trip we arrived to bucarest.. And we chill out somewhere. We stayed the big park and eat something..Some how  my other polish friend Anna lost her phone’s battery in toilet . If you think how ? I even didn’t understand so that no need to tell.  And we decided to walk to metro station which we decide to meet with Ruben  and other 2 Italian  girl ( Francesca & Lumi ) we decided to walk and I think I have seen lots of street dog and people who is in high mode 😀 But as a capital I think it’s normal and you can find these people everywhere..Anyway after a few hours I met with my Spanish bro Ruben !!  So I was really glad to see him again ! We just left our staff to home then we went to party !! !  Bucarest is really great for party ! Lots of night clubs & pubs.. And you can find lots of young people in this city !

First breakfast in buca !

Tourists !!!!!!!

And after this night we slept such a long time then we made a touristic visit to bucarest.  We went to Municipiul Bucuresti ,  Herastrau park, Romanian Arch of Triumph,  Casa Poporului.. And we really enjoyed about this trip. And somehow even if we didn’t plan to go Costansa we decided to go there !  ( idea of polish people.. thankzz ! )  we split the groups then me and my Spanish buddy we catch the first car and we went to costansa faster than girls ha- ha – ha !!  And we changed 2 cars on the way.. First guy was fun manele.. Okay some songs were quite good I cant say lie but I feel myself I start to used this songs 😀  And after this guy we cought other guy who is Turkish ! And it was great to speak Turkish with someone almost after 2 months.. And he left to us next to the beach ! I was totally exciting cuz I’ve never ever swam in Black Sea !  But problem.. we hadn’t got clothes for swimming. And we decided to swim with our boxers !!!  And we just swam with our underwears ! 😀 First I felt too shame but it was okay ! 😀  And I like Constanta as well.. It was good city. I wanna go there again ! But with my sea short 😀


I can say now I swam in Black Sea !!!


Coming back to bucarest it was really hard cuz we trusted Ruben’s book and… It was mistake 😀 We tried to do hitch hiking almost 30 min and someone told us it’s wrong way and we gone back we found a bus then we went to bucarest . And in the night we had last night with our Macedonian and Estonian friends.. We had really good friendship in Brasov and it was really hard to say good bye to them. And we went to party and we met with cool Romanian students who studies in bucarest. They showed us the best and cheapest in city J It was my one of favourite night in Romania. Cuz I really enjoyed that night.  We had so much fun.. I am sorry for Bucarest people if they heard ‘’ Budapest is the best ! ‘’ middle of street more than a houndred times ! Sorry we were so drunk ! 😀

Brothership.. the best picture from Bucarest !

And we finished our party around 7 oclock in morning at kebab store ! 😀 Actually we really didn’t want to finish this great night because we were knowing that everything gonna be sad end of this night.. But somehow time came and we said goodbye. Some of them cried, some of them were so upset 🙂 meeee ?? I am not crying since I am 14 !! 😀 haha  joke.. I was so sad because  they were really great people.I am really gonna miss these guys. They were the only one who always call me out to speak, chillin, parties blah  blah.. I feel little bit boring in here without them. I hope to see you them again  !!!  And I need to say good  bye to my friends one day, I will do the same and I think it will be toooo hard for me.

So about turn back to Brasov ???  We trusted Ruben’s book again anddddd  I was in wrong way.. I made more than 360 km or something.. I went from  Bucarest to Sibiu from Sibiu to Brasov. It was hard and so exhausting 🙂  but its okay I was in Brasov and so happy to be at home again : )

That’s all from me !  I am gonna write soon again


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Cluj- Baia Mare and Hitch Hiking !

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Heyy Ce Fac???

I know that ı should have written before but you know sometimes i feel soooooooo lazy and dont wanna do anything… But today i am in goood mood and let’s start !! Adventures of Oggy !

Anyway i got great memories about last weeks.. I dont know where can i start. I spend my 5 days vacation with great people in Cluj and Baia Mare. Adrian, Vaida, Velichka, Sophie, Johana, Emir, Ilze, Mhaira, Ann, Heili and of course Ruben who has become my brother here in Romania.

A picture from Cluj nights.

First time in my life i went somewhere by train in Romania ! And i was alone. Actually it was great experience for me J I believe in like that ! I was totally exciting about this trip and ı even didnt know that where i was going to sit in train 😀 then i asked someone they showed my way and ı found my seat. I stayed with 3 old lady ! All way long we have never ever spoken eachother. And after i decided to shave my facebread then I went to toilet to shave. After I back they said something in Romanian but I didn’t understand then they showed me some signs like its good J so it made me too happy ! you know body language works in everywhere 😀  So after I arrived to cluj my friends Adrian and Ruben took me from train station to home. After home I met with night life of Cluj ! It was totally easy to understand differences between Cluj and Brasov. As I see Cluj is student city. So much young population.  I really liked Cluj, so nice architecture and atmosphere there..Botanic Garden, Main Square and others.. It was good city and I am thinking to go there again in Eurovision time. Cuz I wanna join to eurovision party in Cluj !

From Botanic Garden !

Let’s find Ruben !

After 2 days visiting Cluj we went to Baia Mare ! With hitch hiking.. I never ever made hitch hiking before in my life.. It was really strange !  We were 7 people and we separated the groups like girls ( Aija, Ilze – Latvia, Mhaira- Scotland) and boys ( Ruben, Adrian – Spain, Emir – Macedonia and me ). And first we stoped the car and girls said ‘‘ go boys ’’ then we went with car but we even didn’t know about big surprise..first, driver said he s going to baia mare but after someone has called him then he said he is going to dej.. And we didn’t have any choose except saying okay ! And we wait in dej almost 2 hours while we were waiting there,  girls has already found a car and they arrived to Baia Mare before than us.. And finaly someone took us to car. But he was totally crazy guy… I wish that he was sitting in Brasov. Even if I don’t speak with him in Romanian, he was great guy.. The car has smelled like palinka..We listened all way long manele, we learnt Romanian people afraid to take Turkish and Macedonian people to their car. And  he told us about some political problems that he doesn’t like Angela Merkel and he was saying several times

‘‘ Angela Merkel doi Hitler doi Hitler Angele Merkel doi Hitler ’’

Baia mare 90 !


Some how we came to 40 km far away from Baia Mare.. And we waited there almost 45 min and we found a car..But this guy was good..My friend Ruben was telling to number of Aija to Adrian and he started to count numbers, suddenly the guy who is driver he started to count from 1 to 10 in Romanian- German- Hungarian- French- İtalian- Portuguese and English.. 😀 And we surprised of course 😀 Anyway somehow we arrived to Baia Mare.. 😀

And I also liked Baia Mare..İt was cool city. We went parties as well and we travel around like we went to Sapanta to funny cemetery..First time In my life I smiled in cemetery. And we cross the border and for 15 mins I have been to Ukrain 😀 We visited famous monastery which is the highest one. And after when we were waiting car we started talk with 3 old lady and one of them she called her daughter and we started to talk English. And they invite us to home ( Ann and Heili from Estonia, Ruben and me ) when we went to home she started to bring us lots of food like meat, cakes, bread and really great soup !!! It was like my culture.. This kind of things makes me love this country !


A funny picture 🙂 we ve just called her to take our picture but she wanted to be part of our picture 😀

Hospitable Romanian people !


And after I back to Brasov with hitch hiking again. But it was too easy if you ask why ? I was with 2 Estonian girls 😀 so..We started to hitch hiking around 9 oclock and we were in home at quarter past nine..

So its such a long story about my adventures. I hope you like it ! That’s all from me !

La revedere !

Ps. I got new hobby now

–         HİTCH HİKİNG !!!

Hitch Hiking easy with 2 Estonian girls 😉

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Predeal – Brasov

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Hey ! Ce faci?

it has been a long time since i upload a blog. I had great 2 weeks. First we went to wasnt far away from here. I had really good time with 60 volunteers from 23 Europan countries. It was great.. I met with a lot of people and we made lots of activities in our training. I miss all these people after a week. Because end of this week we were like a big family..

During that week we learnt all about evs, Romania, culture differences..I think it was a benefit training. We made lots of group work, culturel exchanges. And also we heard some problems between volunteers and organisations..And i really want to say thanks to my organisation. They are always with us no doubt !! Now everybody has an idea about other countries and about Romania. I really enjoyed with it. And about Predeal its a city middle of mountains. To be honest it was great to see some snow again ! 😀 And actually we had a good hotel..Except eating everyday Chicken – Potatoooo !  So i know that if i wanna travel somewhere, i have home allllll around Romania !

a picture from trainings.

Some of volunteers from another cities they decided to visit Brasov and they joined us. I had really good time with them again. We became free guide to them. And when i heard ‘’ Brasov is great city ! You are so lucky ! ‘’ i felt too proud. And i understand 1 more time that I am soo lucky 🙂

Group picture with other volunteers.

After back from Predeal i feel more motivated to do stuff so thats so amazing. When we back to Brasov, we had a really hard week. Because after all trainings, fun, parties we back to real work. Even if it was a hard week, i think that i improved myself. I mean we worked with kids all week long and everyday we made activities, we learnt some of words from Romanian, we always tried to find the same common. Even if we dont speak much Romanian they were always talking with us and they suppose that we were understand them all the time. Somehow this 2 weeks was enough great to me. I believe in i improved myself and i get enough experiences.


Thats alll from me ! Take care !

Pe mai Tarziu !!



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