***One week in paradise ***



I remember exactly what I thought  when we arrived In Predeal.

“ This place is too perfect, something’s wrong with it? “

It was a really heaven for all of us,

both the environment and the time we spent there.

There were also other volunteers from other projects  and whole of Romania.

We learned about non-formal education system and this really works and you have get feedback very quickly. This makes you feel very motivated about what you do which is the most is one of the most important things to be able to work properly.

I can say without doubt that I learned more things here than in school: about myself, relationships, communications and how to respect your colleagues, opinions.

I really do get know myself better and to know how people see me as an individual.

Besides all of these important gains,

We made friendships   I hope forever and I needed this so badly.

We can see that all of as have already changed a lot in a very  good way and we all have the same feeling that there is something else, but we will be able to understand it when everything finished and we go back home.



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