Dialogues along the Danube

–          Eh! tu …..Ce face?

–          Me?…nothing, I’m not doing nothing special.

–          Ah, no?

–          No.

–          Eh! ….Did you say something?

–          Me?….No, I didn’t say nothing.

–          Are you sure? I thought I heard something.

–          I don’t know. Perhaps the sound of the tides. Today the weather changed suddenly.

–          Eh, you….What are you thinking?

–          Me?….nothing, I don’t  think nothing special.

–          Ah, no? You never think of anything?

–          No….yes…..that is to say….yes. Sometimes I think, but just now I didn’t. That is all.

–          And…how often? I mean, how often do you usually think…

–          Don’t be heavy. I never count how many times do I think, How would I can know it? I am not thinking during 24 hours a day…

–          Then, you usually think, but you can’t remember. Then…¿How do you know about what are you doing? And…do you usually say what are you thinking about?

–          What?

–          Yes, I did say that….I would like to know if you say your opinion about what are you thinking about, because you told me that you don’t say anything.

–          Oh!, you are very strange…but I don’t know, I guess that when I think… Of course, I usually say what I am thinking about, but not always. For instance, if I need to go to the doctor, I ask to my mother for it. When I am hungry, I speak with the covrige flooded salesman. Furthermore, I also think in different issues, like music and who will be when I grow up.

–          Ah! Practical guy….I see that your ideas are very related with the daily needs. But listen, could I ask you the last question?

–          Câ e bine, e bine…. but the last one, ok?

–          Da, da….And, according to your thinking….how many things do you really do?… How many answers do you find without making questions to the others? What things of these that you do were created by yourself?

–          Ey, friend…that is more than one question…

–          Come on, it’s the same, but asked into different shape…

–          Well, I will answer you in another occasion…

–          What? Not now?

–          No, I told you one minute ago that I not always say what I am thinking. I also do what I say.

–          But you did only a bit, my friend.

–          Ok, but I prefer to do step by step and from safety situations because in that way, I won’t have problems. I don’t want to get fame of weakling person?

–          Well….Fame….this is complicated. Simply….you should have enough discovering what you really want, but not taking care about what people are thinking about you….

–          Ah! Well….yes, I guess that one has to be strong behavior and all this…..I guess that I will learn it with the past of the Time and when I get this, I will be someone relevant.

–          Relevant…..For who?

–          Buf! You told me that it would be the last question…but ten minutes ago!!….ok, I want to be important for people. I don’t know, I guess that is a good thing If I get to learn something which contributes to the community.

–          And…where did you learn about this?

–          Through others who had been seen the TV. But I don’t believe in all that I heard. Only that, I think that this is a good idea. And if I get it, I will be a lucky man.

–          Ah! And… What does it mean a lucky man?

–          A good job, lot of friends and a beautiful girlfriend. …and maybe if I could drive a Mustang….

–          And…how do you plan to get it?

–          The Mustang?….ah! excuse me, that of  being important….well….I don’t know. I still have to think about that…

–          But …do you think that this kind of thinking can be reality or it is only a dream?

–          A mixture, but sometimes dreams become reality….

–          Would you like it?

–          Of course, Who not?

–          Well, there are people who don’t like fame. Also there are people who only need a small portion of money for living.

–          Bua! I am sure that most of people don’t have this opinion.

–          And you…that is what you really like?

–          Well…I need time to think about that

–          Ah! I thought that this was what we were doing now…

–          Look, this is too much for me. You are rare and heavy. Listen, If I meet you some day, I will run far away from you. I think that my face looks like a question mark! Listen, the truth is that I don’t care nothing what you said, I don’ mind about the future. I do believe that questions can be learned in the real life, but not through all that reflections. I don’t know no one who needs so many questions for knowing where is going. That is to say, if you want to go to the Delta,  ask about schedule and the river flow, but nothing more. Indeed, at the end nobody knows about the final destiny of their travel.

–          Don’t get upset, my friend. I promise you that I will go just right now.

–          Ey, but…one minute, before you leave….  Could you say me your opinion about this?

–          Ah, of course! I will try to resume because I don’t pretend disturb you.  Sometimes, living doesn’t mean learning.  Thinking sometimes it’s good, if you don’t abuse of it.  But If you don’t want to think, you will decide the life in the last minute, and sincerely, this doesn’t mean to decide something.  And about Destiny…. in some point is true what you said, because  anybody can control all situations . But this is not enough reason for not preparing the itinerary. Fortunately, currently the navigation system is very advanced and you can choose between different  ways. But maybe you don’t like to make plans.  Like these fish who swim into the Danube with its golden scales, who usually say that they are spontaneous and however, they only to go with the flow….like the rest of fishes….

–          …but….that is what we are doing….we are fishes swimming along the Danube, don’t it?

–          Yes, the difference is that I swim against the current. Look, when I saw the light of your scales I thought that maybe you would be different, something produced a powerful reaction, modifying  my path and putting me next to you. But after all, it was only a sparkle. Now, I must continue my way because I think it’s too late and I should arrive to the shoare of Szegen before Easter.

–          Why?

–          I know that in these waters there’s a genuine fish, not due to its golden scales… but I found  secrets on the bright of his eyes.

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