Spring Tales I: Pause

I still remember mi first class of Natural Sciences. The professor explained the evolutionary cycle inside natural ecosystems: born, grow, reproduce and death. Ok, it seems easy, but all those new concepts socked my inside. I couldn’t do nothing… I guess that the fact of being born inside a traditional religious family perhaps contrasted with my most scientific instincts. Certainty, I experienced these classes of Natural Science as great revolution. I got upset when I realized about the existence of dinosaurs or Middle Age times, Renaissance, Illustration…and I couldn’t be a witness…..oh God…What were you thinking in? Who are you and why did you deprived to me and my generation of living all these interesting feats?….Buf! it was the beginning of thousand questions without answer. Anyone said that education is important?….yes, It is.


Before the Darwin’s Theory, I used to think that my grandmother’s rosary was the Philosopher’s Stone. However, with Darwin, the evolutionary cycle started do be more and more complex to understand. That is to say: you born and grow, and in some point something falls apart. First, this shouldn’t mean something wrong. The problem emerges when the natural teachers disappears and instead of them come the Biology ones. These last prefer to explain the evolutionary system through Physical and Chemical, showing that inside each ecosystem the matter is subjected into transformation processes and measured through numeric calculations. The solution, despite being a constant, is a set of mathematical operations which not necessary have to follow a rigid process. That is to say, the same solution could be found through different procedures. According with this theory, without a logical explanation, the amount of failures exams increases drastically in class.

You born and grow, and if you don’t understand some basic things of the evolutionary system, you will fail a lot until arriving to the last step. Of course, in the last step, no one fails. Both, the more and the less learned will find the solution, this is true. Some try to trick the process and they simulate have understood the theory. Perhaps they don’t care to do something worthy during the process. But I think that a good Scientific Man knows that the process is not only the most difficult but also the funniest step. And still one can obtain worthy and new discoverings which justifies failures and mistakes, doesn’t it? Who can say something about the lost echelon?


…..but….Divinity is a feature more related with Greek Mythology than with respect to human beings….and in this quotidian world you can find several kind of Scientific Men. For the Scientifics, teachers disappear but class of natural science continues. They pass the High School and discover to others who arrived before, like Adam Smith, Newton and Quantum Physic. First, it could be demoralizing. Also they become aware that Science didn’t create Santiago Apostle, but technologyc advance has immortalized the image of Billy the Kid…¡that’s curious! The scientific man ceases to be student and becomes self-educator, however, sometimes other has to measure his results…other who most probably is the first time that reads a science text. But that’s the life.

Only a few solve the formula and most of people fail whereas tasting several modes based in the Physical theory. The more I like are Chemicals who studied the matter of other objects. If already is difficult to know about oneself composition, could you imagine tackling the fact of researching how are made external matter? The enigma could be stressful. Summing up, the ecosystem cycle or even Evolution Theory could be easy-going. But when Physic and Chemical take participation, things become difficult, and if you don’t have money for extra classes, please…press the button and make a Pause.


Pause: a cessation of activity because of doubt or uncertainty; a momentary hesitation


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