Spring tales II: Reset

When you are born, your eyes are blinded. Step by step, the process as I call ocular descongestion starts. At first, pupils aren’t developed, even can’t recognize mummy’s face. Then, the child develops a special smell to that vanishing figure which every day feed him through a kind of spongy valve. But…once the baby is out of the mummy’s belly…the chain of natural evolution starts…and in this point there aren’t Pauses for avoiding the unstoppable adventure of living.

 You can’t slow dawn the process of vision. Your eyesight develops through a lot of textures: flat and in three dimensions. I still continue looking for the moment which object appears totally clear. Certainly, before it happens, there are several phases based on blindness. One of the best times is adolescence, when one usually sees all things throughout multi-color perspective. Pupils become athletes, practicing pirouettes doubles, triples, never moving from its path and jumping to the first kiss. In this moment, retina takes pink tones, green esmerald, dark blues and light pastels. Next to the colors are tears, which help those to digest this feast, establishing an order into the chromatic chaos. Once the iris is clear, tears fall down across the face in the shape of a savage waterfall. Sometimes this torrent become so overflowing that one could practice kayaking within one of this effervescent cheeks!

 With the pass of the time, darkness colors accumulate and pupils usually prefer rational tones. The clearest the horizon, the more descendent is the tone in the color scale. Stupid but spontaneous events, that merely before (when teenager) appeared randomly, start to be more predictable (when you are an adult) and less in number. Thus, wide range of colors disappears and instead of calling the things properly, we put different names to the things we want or feel. For instance, if a boy appears to the right, one just modifies the view to the left and….. voilá! Problem solved! Other example; if you are late at work without any excuse you will have to tell something to your supervisor. In the moment of speaking, pupils constrict subtly and you know that all the issues related to the health care will be the best justification to your boss. On the whole, one gets domain over certain issues almost due to a natural osmosis and several tactics of strategic spatial view. Our instinct acquires magic faculties to preview colors that are behind of certain things or persons and we can modify events almost in an infallible way. Darwin would get surprised if he would know about the high development of certain species, mainly now, with the post-modernism and technologic advances of XXI century.

 It depends on how tears and colors are conjugated into the retina, one attain more or less sharpness, although risk of total vision is something that most of people don’t afford themselves. It is not anything generational, nor genetic. I guess that a disciplined training is necessary in order to deal with certain images that compound so often our reality.

On the other way, we also avoid to look tones which remember us colors which made us cry. I know that this is contradictory, because tears usually clean and helps the retina to see better, but I said that only few people develop total vision. So, there is more than one solution. First, you can assume that it can be there two similar tones, but they are similar, not exactly the same. If you want to check it…the only solution is to go ahead…. take the risk and get advance. And with a bit of good luck one can get a clear vision! Well, maybe it last doesn’t sound very persuasive, but this is so! Second option and the most used: switch on the button Reset. This option automatically erases dark tones that often disturb the vision and permits you living again each color as if it was the first you see it. However, it has an inconvenient. If you can’t memorize you won’t have reflection capacity and memory and you won’t learn particularities of each tone. Consequently, you won’t be able to distinguish between tones in your future, and the same tone will be repeated, causing you the same feeling (good or bad) over and over. Who knows, maybe sometimes is better to push Reset and check if you are prepared to live the challenge of discovering new colors!!!

 Reset: readjust, restore, starts again from zero.

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