Spring Tales III: Rewind

In this world you can find people who live in state of Rewind almost permanently. Those specimens must have reset themselves too much, and due to this, they don’t know very well the reel where the sound of their existences should sound. They are not able to keeping long in the same disc, and however, their life sounds as a repetitive song. I think that is not cool to stay twisted excessively around the same melody, more if this song was released in the past.

I am not opposed to classics, that is to say, Ave María of Schubert was one of my favourite themes for a long. At that time, I had a big existential conflict with the button of Rewind. Just fourty seconds before the piece finish, I always used to push the button for starting the song again. Oh, God! I know that you don’t exists, but I am alone at home and I can’t speak to the empty and being normal at the same time: Could I know why I always push Rewind before the damn song ends? If I continue doing this, I will never listen the last minute, which uses to convey a feeling of relax and prepares your ears to the following track.

…..While I was thinking about all this issues, I decided to change and put a disc of José González. In this case I decided to get carried away from the intensity of the music. I started on the beginning, tasting each piece as if it was fresh seafood, until the last silent. I understood that the more variables, the more diverse is the final result. That way is better than if I take one part as the whole.

Just in this point I decided to back to the Schubert’s piece.  I thought that in this occasion I would finish it. Only when I got it, I had a global idea about his music. His life perhaps was not easy. He died very soon, as a big unknown. Maybe his audiences also decided to leave the seats forty seconds before the end of the piece (like me), thinking that Ave María was titled only Ave. Perhaps for this reason he wrote the “unfinished symphony” in Si. Today, the reasons why the famous composer decided to create an unfinished piece are still a mistery. I don’t have idea about the musician’s level of erudition. Even I don’t know if Schubert thought that he would become one of the most important musicians of Romanticism. Possibly because he was the first who discovered and solved the obsessions of most of us: repeating old songs, not giving any opportunity to the happy ends and, of course, and not to discovering new melodies…….

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