Last Spring Tale (IV): Play

PLAY: perform, action, play.

No matter how often one rewinds the cassette, CD or even your own life. Sooner or later it will be necessary to push Play. Of course, it will happen after a long time in state of Record, a wonderful stage for discovering new musical instruments and styles: some tangos, a lot of bachatas and too much bulerías. At this point, perhaps you will have to push Stop, maybe until you find a genuine waltz. This style is my favourite. One can grab the music as if the music would have waist! When I think about musical notes which compound some of these masterpieces, I like to imagine them dancing very soft over the stave. Here, there neither Pauses, not hurry nor Rewinds. You can think peacefully in chords instead of being worried about what chords are thinking of you.

So, I guess that it is not easy to find the adequate sound, with so many kinds of styles murmuring into our eardrums. With so many loud one get the risk of losting harmony. It this happens, all sound such a monochord tone, with no acute for moving hips sometimes. Here, it would be necessary the Eject, for expelling those surplus and recovering the musical balance in treble clef, which is what we learnt in class of flute when we were at school. If Eject works correctly, it makes quaves and crotchets to conform a good collection. Demisemiquavers left the scene and even silences sound quite well between semibreves.

Sometimes, the adequate song produces such euphoria that one feels temptation to push Forward. At this point, lot of listeners fall because they don’t understand that is impossible to predict the following time before it sounds. From my point of view, some out of tune aren’t so disharmonic if the whole piece has a good chorus. I am sure that those failed the flute test and got the top score at philosophy lesson. If I could, I would say them that sometimes one can learn more from street knaves than from some theories located on dusty stands at the library. In this life, it is necessary certain portion of pragmatism. Let’s be realists: Aristoteles or Platon were a couple of men with respect to the rest of humanity. Instead, we had to know a sort of “street market philosophy”. Although some people develop a good heard, on the whole, you must to sharp your ear and stay attentive to the sound of the flute.

But, if you are confused and don’t know what button push, it is better to leave switched on Play. This option ensures you that any song will sound. Furthermore, living in permanent state of Stop prevents you from distinguishing the melody of a good waltz.

RECORD: register.

STOP: to cease from, leave off.

EJECT: expel.

FORWARD: overcome, going ahead.

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