I was thinking about the connections. You can meet with six persons a day, and finally, the people that you really connected with is the double that you expected… do you know why? Because the first person you found perhaps spoke about you with another person, and the chain of contacts who pronounced your name today is longer than you think. Connections can produce powerful effects, like the electricity making contact in a central point where there’re several points of distribution waiting for its own piece of energy. The fact to be connected near to an electricity generator increases the probability to get a sparkle!

To be connected is important. Connecting people, places, feelings, things, emotions, ideas….the fact of living don’t have any sense if we don’t have support from others. I like a lot to walk around Brasov because in some areas you can see so many cables dancing, crossing and getting entangled themselves and through narrow streets. It remembers me the unavoidable weight of luck, fortuity and coincidence that really generates the most of our destiny. Certainly, yesterday I was watching a documentary about the relation between optimism and success. This piece was based in a lecture offered by the Spanish Emilio Duró, a polemic and well known specialist in coaching and counseling in business and trade markets. In some point he said that scientific agree with the concept of destiny; da, da…..”human beings have destiny”… Well, it can be understood in several ways: realistic or mistic.

The main plot is that life – as people know- offers you several options and you have to choose between them. Each election you make always is determined for your genetic structure. That is to say, no matter the variety of elements or chances you will have in front of you, because your internal feelings are determined when you born and your natural pre-disposition will figure out your destiny from the beginning of your life. However (and this point is very interesting) the human body is very intelligent and…if you decide harmful attitudes for your physical shape, the body produces drastic changes, like a cancer or heart attack. It is produced because your brain calculates that with a bad lifestyle you won’t live too many years and through this harsh sickness you are forced to change.

Waw! Big words for my little brain….here, I attach the link where you can listen the conference (in spanish).


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