Whole New Experince

Hi everybody, It’s Ali from Turkey. I was borned in Northern Cyprus in 06.12.1986 and growing up some countries in Turkey.  And now i am in Romania. My interests are drawing comics, traveling, sports and digital arts.

I think Life is so strange. Like Tom Hank’s said in Forrest Gump Movie “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” And i want to know “what will i get?” . It is the reason of the being a volunteer in Romania for me. Today is my 5. day . In my first day i was stayed at a hotel in Bucharesti. My first observations about Bucharesti are hot, strange , beatiful and had an amazing parliment building. Then after our first night i was headed to Brasov with my best friend Hasan. I saw Carpatian Mountains on the road. Everywhere is green and air is so clean.

Finally we arrived Brasov with Hasan. At the train station we met with the Claudia and Lucian . The they take us to our apartment. I met my new housemates Sercan and Furkan. After we brought our luggages in our apartment we was headed to office and eating somethings for dinner. Then my 1. Day was ended like this.

In second day we met the outher volunteers at the office.  At 2. Day’s night we going o hanging out with Sercan and Oğulcan .  There was a movie festival at the Brasov’s main square.  My first observation about Brasov square is a small and cute city square.

For 5 days i can tell just  this. I think my future days in Romania will be great.

See ya…

Me at the our offices's garden :)))