Another Page in Another City

Hi , I am Hasan . I m a new volunteer. I am from Turkey, I was born at istanbul 10.05.1988 . And i live in Ankara / Turkey.  My journey of Romania has been started  5 days ago with my friend Ali. When i was at the college i was went to Pecs / Hungary with Erasmus Program. I was live there for 2 years. Than i was go to Vienna for 6 months. You can see i am familiar with Traveling and diffrent countries. Romania is a whole new country for me . I always... Read More

Whole New Experince

Hi everybody, It’s Ali from Turkey. I was borned in Northern Cyprus in 06.12.1986 and growing up some countries in Turkey.  And now i am in Romania. My interests are drawing comics, traveling, sports and digital arts. I think Life is so strange. Like Tom Hank’s said in Forrest Gump Movie “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” And i want to know “what will i get?” . It is the reason of the being... Read More