Voluntary week

This week is a “Voluntary week” in Romania. So every non-government organization prepared special programs and events for this week to encourage people to voluntary work. We had also some games and presentation in Economic High School in Brasov. In one of the class, we met boy who has been a volunteer in other ngo –  Centrul de Voluntariat Brașov. He invited us to eco workshop.

Afternoon we spent with him and his friend from organisation. Our task was make something useful from useless things like old cd, boxes, strings, cans, screws, balloons, wires, pieces of wood. We (with Kike, Anna and Sercan) decided to make home for birds. Kike with Anna were very fast. They made beautiful, green house from old box. I was totally lost, but with Sercan’s help, at least, I finished small home from can, cd, stings and balloon. It was in minimal, modern style because of combination of two different materials – metal can and string. Because of the round roof it also reminded – a little bit –  small, old Chinese man.

After workshops we had a eco-drum session. We tried to play a music from plastic and glass bottles, metal cans and wooded boxes. Kike was wondering if the balloon could be a music instruments…

All this “things from nothing” you can admire 😉 on special exhibition during the Voluntary Fair on this Saturday. We will also there, in Parcul Central Titulescu, from 10 till 16. Come and join! Because:



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