TAVLA..! (Backgammon)

Think, Determined, Play and have Fun

Think, Determined, Play and have Fun

I played TAVLA  today.

As far as i know, Shah of persia vizier Büzur Mehir invented this game about ten days in 1.400 years ago.
(More informanitons :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon#Persia_.28Iran.29)
Usually, i played with my mom, brother and uncle. I played here with a cheerful women… 🙂


Of course i won... :)

Of course i won… 🙂

I am here if you are challenge to me… 😉



How many degrees can you resist ?

Eminönü, İstannul ( by Ara Güler)

Eminönü, İstanbul ( by Ara Güler)


I went to İstanbul on christmas time. Firstly, I saw my family, friend…
After that, i take a tour around my city, specialy i felt that i miss seaside and food.
( I could not stop to eat 😉 )

A snow image from Turkey

A snow image from Turkey

i did not use my winter jacket because it was 14-15 degrees when i was there.
Before i leave city, it was snowing. Even the snowing time degrees was 5-6.
i came Braşov and wheather was -10 .  vuvvv  🙂






Mission completed

Have you ever seen ghost in Braşov ? ….
Nope ?
Because  someone kick their a.. 😉

I had a chance to listen their story…

Everyone has different story which written by history. People says these stories “Experience”.
Experience teaches slowly, and at the cost of mistakes. (Froude)



First time, I joined a Helloween. Interesting experience 😉



We played some rhytym in school,
they enjoyed,
and they will keep on boring music lessons… 😉




Even the Angels need help…!



I am Umpaniel, angels of god… I can remove do evil spirit and devils. I came to Braşov because
Purgatory’s door had opened by dracula in Braşov.  I need your help for close the door and remove the freaks. I will tell u what you are going to do, just join the Ghost Town…
I said Ghost Town because freaks are here and they will attack Braşov in 27th October…


Don’t trust my face…

… neither my voice or clothes…

I’m a very, very old… woman.

I was fighting with vampires when your grand grand grand grand grand mother didn’t dream not only about grand grand grand grand grand children but also they couldn’t imagine having babies.

None know better then me how to beat this beast from hell.

I’m here to help you. I have been prepared special stuff for you from two months.

So you can ask,  what I’m doing here, among flying pages from the old books? Shouldn’t I sharpen wooden stakes and polish silver bullets?

Oh, my dear fearless vampire killers! The answer is simply… I’m waiting for you! …in George George Bariţiu Public Library, on Saturday afternoon,  at 16:00 o’clock. 

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Surf with Music on Braşov

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Please; before start to read, play; Mozart Violin Concerto G major  K.216

Yesterday, i went out to Mozart concerto. Concerto was at 19:00 until 20:50.
Long time ago, i have been gone a Concerto. That was impressive…  and Mozart’s soul was there 😉
After the Concerto, i was walking to home, suddenly i saw a acoustic concert and i joined them. 🙂
drinking beer and listen live music… excellent

When i was in my country, Usually i go to 2-3 concert per a week. i got it in yesterday.
Feeling something similar to what i did my country…
especially in Braşov…. 🙂 Invaluable 😉


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I will be On My Way…

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I was on a way last 2 weeks…


Belgrad is moving fast,




Zagreb also moving fast but alone. People who live in Zagreb, They left the Zagreb. Probably they went sea side.


It has been so long time since I have seen stars like that. We are living city and the city lights forgot to us the Stars…

Plitvice Lakes

There is no word to explain there…




Just, take me … 🙁





Black Chocolate and Lemon


Mostar recovered more quickly than I thought,



Small but cool


Touristic city


Montenegro got first silver medal in history.


Novi Sad

Novi Sad as the shadow of  Belgrade, It looks like small city but it’s not

4 Countries, 10 Cities, 2 weeks

Travel is different type of  learning style for me. 😉

I will be On My Way… 😉 (Beatles)




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I was born long long time ago… 🙂 I feel old

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday dinner

Thanks to Clau & Lucy

Birthday gift

I took a wacth (I shouldn’t go to late at office)  and snare drum … : ) And best gift from them was go out and drink something together…  thank to all of them



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Photo Story…

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How many words do we need to explain…
I think, sometimes,  Hold one peace is best option to explain…

Concerts at The Museum Casa Muresenilor

Hippo Games…


Best Architect


Look at me and smile, please 🙂



Best Painter

I have no idea 🙂


First International Paper Frog Competition


Winner is .....


Let’s go to Dumbrăviţa


He's really nice to us


He changed to his way for us and he left us wrong place… 🙂 We started to walk. We had not an idea where we were going and no one was on the way.
10 min. later, he came and take to us again, he left us true one.


Hi ! Get in... I am police officer 🙂


Best car for Hitchhiking, It was wonderfull...






We were lucky, one car was enough to come back Braşov




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Step by Step

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We (me and Oggy) decided to go Lacul Tarlung. We find a car for Scale…

He took us to close to century of Scele, thanks to him. after that we tried to hitchhike again to go Lacul Tarlung. We met a boy who lives there , we asked to Lacul Tarlung’s way…  and he started to talk about the way and Lacul Tarlung. He said about the way “Dangerous and a lots of gypsies will be on the way…..etc.” he is like a hellhound, he didn’t give any good news  about way. Oggy begin to fear about way but I wasn’t J because I am stupid…. 🙂 Actually we had a big question mark about way, therefore we went to 7 scari . 

It was amazing….





We  didn’t climbed top of mountain because we hadn’t enough time we said next time “we will do it”

We come back to place which we can eat something…





Oggy was tired and he slept about 10-15 min.


I think ; Mountains is a different world, it’s like a parallel universe….

Reinhold Messner  “…. After touching the summit, i begin to descand down quickly because, i feel like a newborn and this’s so excited for me…. ”












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Speak Softly Braşov

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I went to walk with local people…

They are huge...

Firstly, I was afraid because i have no idea “what i was doing with them and my Romanian is really poor… But i was lucky

Maria knows English

She talked to me and teach some Romanian. Actually, everyone tried to teach Romanian. Also I went to Case Mureşenilor museum (again). Probably i will work there every concert’s day. This time, i recorded some songs. two of them…

Godfather… “Speak Softly Love”

I want to thanks all of them , They played and sang very well…

New York, New York

When the woman in black was singing , i was impressed

“I’m gonna make her an offer she can’t refuse” … 🙂

Noroc !

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Eat, Watch, Miss

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We went to picnic in 10 of june


Lucian's toys

These knifes are toys for Lucy for me it’s confusing 🙂 Because, usually i use just one knife. I think, i am better than him 🙂 🙂

Faster, faster...

When he was cutting vegetable, he was really happy… (or i think so 🙂 )

We were getting hungry and we start to take tour around Lucy. Like cats…

Did you feel the smell, something is burning...! 🙂

It is interesting meat for me, it was salty. But it was tasty.

Lucy! Do you have space for tomatoes ? 🙂

I could not control myself . I think, i gained weight about 2-3 kilos but i am happy, because i eat them all… 🙂


Maviler Di Nataleile, İtalia-Spain 1-1 Eroupean Cup 2012

We have projector and sound system in office. They don’t interest football, but they can’t escape me.  I always said ” i want to watch all European Cup in office with projector” . This is my new torture for them, they will be regret to call me… 🙂

Here is really great and my organization is kind. But the picnic, watch match…etc. That remind me, my  family, friends, home…etc.  I miss them, a lot :'( …

A Turkish poet said that…

While you were going there, you were wept for here…  You should know that ; when it’s time to leaving there, you are going to cry for there… 😉

take care…



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Live performans…

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Yeap i know everyone likes music but not like me.  🙂 🙂
I listened a live music in Cluj,  i missed.

They played Balkans music.

I had forgetten to say “THANKS  Andrian and others” they entertained us very well…


The Lord of Volunteers: The fellowship of the EVS... 🙂

I worked in Case Mureşenilor museum , it was a opera concert.

Opera concert was interesting for me , she was not  only singing but also she was acting as a star 🙂 . After concert, I talked with her about music and Istanbul. She said that “i can die for Istanbul” we were laughing about 2 minutes.

Mountain reminds me where I am 🙂



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