Cluj Napoca , Voluntariat pentru muzeum, workshops, Promotion and Bike tour that was full week :)

Hi  lovely Romanian people , Hi brasov and Hi dear Volunteers,

I spent a full week with a lot of activities in Brasov  and travelled to north   of Romania first time in my life 🙂

and First time in Romania, I made hitch-hiking with my volunteer team , it was great . let me tell about it lit bit :)P

When we go on highway of brasov, we were two teams, first team is Anna, Kike, me and second team was olga, sercan and Oggy

We stoped the car and went away like 20 kilometers it was a hungarian guy then continoued to trip, I WILL  not talk about all level of autostop but i just let u know that it was great experience to stop the car and beg them to take us   into  car 🙂

We made a  lot of practise in rumunesti 🙂  So, basically  we saw  Sighisoara, Targu Mures, Cluj napoca and Turda .

I passed through Turda , did not really see at all 🙂 I loved sighishoara…

When it comes to Cluj napoca, We ‘ve arrived to Cluj and we have been brought by a romanian guy who was nice and warm-hearted and was speaking perfect english. There was a lot of volunteers fro other cities, I saw familiar faces like Sonia, Mari, David, Alba, but also someone that  never seen in my life like Ruben , Adrian so on, they were nice guys.

I have stayed in Hungarian kindergarden and its language was awful for me 🙂   Cluj is nice , hot student city and very big.

I took a lot of pictures and videos… The  second day I went to Concert with Sonia, Ruben , Sercan , OGGy and Anna  which seemed to be latin music 🙂 Then, Last evening , I went to watch the movie in Florin Piersic cinema in centre of Cluj Napoca Btw, Florin Piersic is a famous Romanian Comedian that  is 76 years old now .  You can find him on youtube 🙂

I turned back to Brasov.. I was tired .. eu sunt obosit foarte 🙂  Si apoi.. rested  long did not do anything..Wednesday I went to museum de Casa Muresenilor din Brasov to scan documents here from 9.00 till 15.00 o’clock.

I met here Marinela  that is nice woman  and I always make her smile  lol.

Also I met to Rodica who was very  funny woman, I found her so warm , I know we speak different languages but we used to speak language of emotion which made possible the conversation 🙂


She has two kids one is 21 years old girl and another is 16 years old boy.


She said to me ” How come that you can travel north of romania as I never seen those parts in my life”, and

I said ” Simply, We’re volunter / Suntem Voluntari 🙂

Another story is that, I went to Casa Baiulescu with Sercan and made workshops with seniors  ( atelier de lucru cu seniori)

They made   great skilled roses from some kind of materials in such short time, wow I was amazed 🙂

And last few things 🙂

In same day, I went to Piata Stafului and took a yellow bike and made big city tour and took pictures 🙂

Ah..  one more thing  Ana-Maria who is volunter in Brasov saw me on street and stopped me saying if I can promote museum of Muresenilor on square with funny old dresss,

and I said Yes I can do 🙂

So we wore dress and went to square and handed out small card of museum where adress is written and I spoke like this

poftits, vrai sa vizita la Muzeul Casa Muresenilor 🙂

Wow, it was great….

Let’s write some new romanian words :

– Suntem,

– Munte

– Districtie placuta

– Dumneavoastra

–  As vrea

– Atelier

–  Drum lung

– Drum scurt

– Drum bun

– Piept de pui 🙂


See you soon with new articles of mine,

La revedere,

Am suflet de voluntariat 🙂



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