secret place

You now what ?

Sabes que ?

The time start to run. Day by day  is faster and faster like on the race! And is good to stop from time to time and be quite. Really good place to do this kinde of sesions, to stop is lake witch I discovered with Kike tree weeks ago. It’s my secret place my paradise and why I don’t wont tell  localisation.  I have been there two times, firs was on Monday and we didin’t find nobady there was empty and silent how I like. The secondo time we decided to stay there on night. I took the tent and also Kike had one. We spent there one night. Came on Sunday around 3 p.m. by highchiking (we I mean girls, had lucky becouse our trip from Brasov was like 1.5 hours but for boys  the way took them a lot of time hmmm 😉 We meet a very soft storm there and this same time in Brasov was sunny. Finnaly we spent perfect night there with fire place. Mayby night wasn’t a good becouse too hard grand and dogs witch atactted our place but finalny we are good and relax and we want come back there.

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