Cozia National Park (Valcea)


1. Location

Cozia National Park was included inside the romanian national parks  network on  6th march 2000,  and its surface is 17.100 Ha (171 km²). This protected natural area contains flora and fauna exclusively from Southern Carpathians range, and it´s located between Lotru mountains and Căpăţânii mountains, in the middle course of Olt river,   in administrative localities Racovita, Perisani and Baile Olanesti (45°22′01″N 24°15′54″E).


From the geological point of view, Cozia mountain range is very interesting, because the formation of them happened during high Jurassic period. Sedimentary and gneis (methamorfic rocks) are composing the landscape in this region. 



                                     General view of Cozia mountain range and Olt river.



2. Principle attractions


 This national park contains a lot of interesting places to visit, biological, geological and historical attractions. Cascada Lotrisor is maybe the most visited of all of them. Mănăstirea Stânişoara, Mănăstirea Cozia,  Turnu and Ostrov  are also important. If the visitors are thinking about to stay more than one day in this natural area, they have possibility to sleep in different mountain refugees and cabans. We slept in Cabana Cozia, which is situated at 1573 meters and it´s a very good option for that kind of mountaneers who wanna visit the most wonderful places in the range, like Cozia peak (1668 m). From this point the views are spectacular. The price for night costs 20 leu if the turist prefers one bed, 9 leu if prefers to carry own tent. 



 Butterfly in the way Calimanesti - Cozia peak.



 Cascada Lotrisor.


 Ostrov Monastery.




































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