Buila – Vanturarita National Park (Valcea)

Buila – Vanturarita National Park


1. Location


Buila-Vânturariţa National Park was integrated inside the Romanian National Park network in the year 2005 and it has an area of 4.186 hectares (10.34 acres). It’s situated in Valcea region,  in the central-northern part of Vâlcea County in the Căpăţânii Mountains (group included in Parâng Mountains, a subgroup of mountains in the Southern Carpathians). 


Buila – Vanturarita is next to the other national park of Valcea territory, Cozia, and its geology is based in calcareous rock. Monasteries, nature, wildlife and human activity mixed together to produce a wonderful place in the middle of the mountains. 





2. Principle attractions.

Schitul Patrunsa, Schitul Pahomie ,   Candon Silvic Codric, Cabana Cheia,  Varful Vanturarita,  Muntele Piatra,  Poiana Scarisoara, Monastery Arnota,  Schitul papusa,  Schitul Izvoare.

About where to sleep: there are several cabans in this national park. We decided to stay one night in Cabana Cheia. The price per night is 20 leu (bed) and 10 leu/ tent. The area is sorrounded by white calcareous mountains and the views are great. Varful Vanturarita is one of them (1885 m). 


















































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