Semenic – Cheile Carasului – Cheile Nerei – Beusnita ( Resita )

Semenic – Cheile Carasului  – Cheile Nerei – Beusnita


1. Location  ( Semenic Cheile Carasului  ) :

The Semenic-Cheile Caraşului National Park  is a protected area (national park category II IUCN) situated in southwest Romania, in Caraş-Severin County.

The Natural Park is located in Anina Mountains and Semenic (groups mountain included in Banat Mountains), in the southwestern’s part of the country, in the middle of Caraş-Severin county.

2. Location ( Semenic Cheile Nerei Beusnita ) : 


The Semenic-Cheile Nerei Beusnita  National Park  is a protected area (national park category II IUCN) situated in southwest Romania, in Caraş-Severin County.


3. Principle Attractions of Semenic Cheile Carasului and Nerei Beusnita National Parks :

- Hiking on marked trails
- Observation of flora and fauna
- Boating on the river and lake
- Visit the historic sites, cultural
- Climbing on specially designated routes
- Speleology
- Cycling on forest roads
- Rafting on the river Nera, spring and early summer
- Flying fox (spectacular crossing a variable height between two points with a double strings, 
 a system of pulleys and a rope brake)
- Booster (controlled descent on rope secured along a rock wall)
- Canyoning (crossing mountain headwaters of rivers in areas where it has a very rugged slope,
 with portions of keys, narrow, sprinkled with numerous waterfalls)
- Archery
- Paintball
- Riding
The Aninei Mountains within the park have several striking peaks. 
Dealu Simionului 899 m, Custura Cetatii ,Grohanul Mare 1044 m, 
Varful Leordis 1159m ,Varful Plesiva 1143 mVarful Esalnata 915 m , 
Carsia Mare 1097 mand Dealu Cornetu Mare 821m.
 The altitude drops to 150 meters within the Nerei Valley ,
making a difference of roughly 1,000 meters in altitude. 
The region is characterized by high karstmor limestone,
plateaus that give birth to the steepslopes of multiple valleys that 
have cut through stratified layers of carbon rok; 
Cheile Minisului, Cheile Nerei ,Valea Beului, Valea Ciclovei ,Valea Oraviteiand Valea Cremenita.
The high karstic plateaus of Poiana Roschii ,
Poiana Lisovacea and Poiana Odobasnita contain nearly every major endo –and exokarst formation 
some of which come in contact with golumbu sandstone forming springs , 
sinkholes, caves ,karst walls ,canyons and gorges.
You can stay in Beusnita National Park in those places with ease ;
 Cheile Minisului Valea Minisului Camp, capacity5o, 
Cheile Minisului Cerbul cabin, capacity 22, Cheile Nerei Valea Bei Cabin, 
capacity12, and Poiana Roschii Roschii Cabin, capacity 40 .

 Nerei Beusnita National Parks )

The main entrances to the park are the towns Resita labalcea, Carasova, Anina, Prigor, Crivaia, Garana.
Inside the park, access is allowed on the 9 marked tourist trails and roads. 
Tourist route Resita - Danube (under banda marking blue) connects to south Nera National Park - Beusnita.

It has an area of ​​36,214 ha with altitudes between 200 and 1447m (peak Gozna). 
National Park is situated on the mountain units Anina and Honolulu, 
is characteristic of the karst landscape and wooded area.

Caras Gorge and Gorge karst areas Gârlişte have over 600 caves, 
83 protected species of flora, 
95 species of fauna and habitats that remark many forest habitats, bogs, Petrifying springs.

Caras Gorge 200m deep, long about 19 ​​km from visiting. 
10 km, with many limestone walls and specific vegetation.
Gârlişte deep gorge 100 - 200m, visit the entire length of 9 km.
The largest area of ​​forest quasi Europe over 5000 hectares with trees over 350 years.
Glade Pit Pit, the deepest pothole in Banat with a bump - 236m which contains a series of wells in size.
Comarnic cave with a tourist route which can be accessed I750m seen many formations 
galleries and impressive size rooms, an underground river, 
underground landscapes satisfaction by providing excellent "exploration".
Grat medieval fortress from which they were kept walls and ditches.
Buhui mottled and Lake Buhui
mottled Popavat
Events and traditions in villages Carasova and guarantees. 
In Semenic Cheile National Park, we've stayed one night in lacul Trei ape in 
" Camping Area" that is very peaceful place to stay . 
There, you have 2 chances; 
one is you can bring your sleeping- bag and sleep near lake in spite of the fact that the nights are so cold.
Or you can sleep in Cabana houses of Trei Ape that is such confortabkle and keeps you warm there. 
For Trei Ape, you must pay more than 30 RON per person tough depending on which caban you selected. 
But you will spend great night there, guaranteed and experienced. 

( Semenic Cheile Carasului )



                                                                          Compass Roses ( Windmills )  in Cheile Carasului

                                                                          Flowers that grew in rocks – Cheile Carasului


A perfect  landscape inside of Nerei Beusnita National Park..  Rocks, lake and so green trees.


                                                                          Bushy Forest in Cheile Carasului National Park




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