Vacation part 1


My vacatio was to short definitely. 24 days ha ha  now,  some of you will be jelaous becouse mamby you didin’t have holiday at all, but it dosen’t change the fact that for me is still too short 😉 Pleas Don’t Get me wrong!

First step I put in Varna-Bulgaria where I had a great host from CouchSerfing David. I spent there 2 days and my crazy host decided to takeme to „Sunny Beach”  close to Burgas. I spent there 2 days and decided to go to Montenegro where I had meeting with by buddy. But was one problem. From Bulgaria is 33 hours to Montenegro by train. But I had to be there 25th August. First train I took from Burgas to Sofia after overnight train from Sofia to Belgrade and finalny train to Podgorica witch was late 3 hours. I was totalny exausted and tired but my boy was Whiting for  me and all bed thinks disappear. We found a good apartament and spent in Budwa( close to Podgorica) 3 days. After this we moved  to Tirana hmm It was funny becouse we coudn’t  find bus and train to capital of Albania so we took taxi witch cost us 90 euro from Podgorica to Tirana.


to be continued

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