Vanatori Neamt Natural Park

Vanatori Neamt Natural Park (Neamt)


1. Location

47°09′18″N 26°12′07″

The Vânători-Neamţ Natural Park (RomanianParcul Natural Vânători Neamţ) is situated in north-east Romania, in Neamţ County. It is one of the few places where the European bison (Bison bonasus) can be seen.

The aurochs head (“cap de bour” in Romanian) is the heraldic symbol of the historical province of Moldavia, although the aurochs (now extinct) was a separate species from the European bison.




2. Atractions


One of most interesting national park in Romania I can bet . Because, This National Park is one of few places in Europe that you can able to see Bisons ( Bison Bonasus ).



Vanatori Neamt overspreads the area like 308. 4 km squares. Vanatori Neamt is where you can find all sort of wild animals from smallest till biggest. What we found in Vanatori Neamt :

* Small a kind of Deer ( Caprior )

* Big masculine deer ( Cerb Carpatin )

* Bisons ( Zimbri )

What Romanian people call as “ Dragos Voda” ( Dragos water ) is a big legend that is regarding to Romanian prince Dragos. According to legend, Dragos was a prince who was hunting “ Bisons” with his dogs.



3. Where we slept


We stayed in Vanatori Neamt for one night. The Best option for staying is Cabana “ Chitele” that is 25 km away from road but still belongs to Vanatori Neamt National Park. This Chalet has 5 double

rooms, one kitchen, one big hall, bathroom and generator. You can reach to this Chalet by car with easy. One person costs less than 25 lei . This chalet is totally made of wood and located in a village called “ Cracaoan “.

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