Even the Angels need help…!



I am Umpaniel, angels of god… I can remove do evil spirit and devils. I came to Braşov because
Purgatory’s door had opened by dracula in Braşov.  I need your help for close the door and remove the freaks. I will tell u what you are going to do, just join the Ghost Town…
I said Ghost Town because freaks are here and they will attack Braşov in 27th October…


Don’t trust my face…

… neither my voice or clothes…

I’m a very, very old… woman.

I was fighting with vampires when your grand grand grand grand grand mother didn’t dream not only about grand grand grand grand grand children but also they couldn’t imagine having babies.

None know better then me how to beat this beast from hell.

I’m here to help you. I have been prepared special stuff for you from two months.

So you can ask,  what I’m doing here, among flying pages from the old books? Shouldn’t I sharpen wooden stakes and polish silver bullets?

Oh, my dear fearless vampire killers! The answer is simply… I’m waiting for you! …in George George Bariţiu Public Library, on Saturday afternoon,  at 16:00 o’clock. 

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