ticket to home

Today Claudia bought me a ticket to home. That is mean my  back  to Poland is real. How I feel with this? Am I happy? Am I ready? To be honest yes I am happy to come back after 11 months to my country specially to my city Wrocław. I am curious how many changes happend when I have been here  like new places new streets and so on. And what is most important can’t wait to see my friends and familly, becouse last months we didin’t see eachother  even didin’t speak too much. I really miss all of them like crazy 😉 Another thing that I want to see is my favourite swimming pool. Promise myself to go there all month everyday and just enjoy. Also miss so much my school of yoga. If I had a lot of energy I woud go there everyday to lost some kilograms that I got here 😉 and of course for fun. I miss my bicycle but there will be still winter and to early to ride but who nows, never say never, mayby this winnter gonna be soft….hope so. I am ready to come and confrontation my country befor one year and in present.

Did I do everything what I wanted to do? Did my dream about EVS project came true?  Did I meet  friends for the rest of my life? Did I feel in love with Romania? I suppose on  those kinde of questions and so on I will be able answer  after when I come back to home. People have this kinde of  behavior that they appreciate things after that they happend. Last morning I was looking for mountains from my window and what  can I say I will be miss so much this views and Brasov and all good things what happend here and all those good crazy people that I met here 🙂

Mission for now …. still have 77 days and I promise do my best to use this time in 100 %

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