Beautiful event days in Casa Muresenilor



This week excepting Wednesday I was involved in Casa muresenilor events ( evenimente ) and I can say I really had fun .

People of Casa Muresenilor is so nice and friendly. I have been spending time with them  at intervals since summer time… and was one of best time of my voluntary service experience 🙂

I want to talk about you and present you a bit more  about ” Casa MUresenilor” . Every week especially from Tuesday to Friday, each day a different event occurs in this museum.  Beautiful humans one from other is coming there to get deep consciousness of culture, music, history, Recital, presentation , Geography etc. whatever you look for regarding to culture is available in this museum although most of event is based on history by a majority. My colleagues have some day free, and some day they’re with me, it depends. For example Today, I worked with Marinela and Viorica. I saw Cristina just for few minutes. Valer was busy too. Viorica is so willing to learn English. She sometimes uses English words by pieces.  she is successful and i encourage her 🙂 Marinela is my translator, she translates well. I love her daughter, omg such sweet girl. She sung X-mas Carol songs on Piata Sfatului on stage. was awesome. Lorena had free day too today, I didn’t see her.

Thursday I had prepared Sandwich and I shared with Rodica, she liked so much , she was modest cuz she ate only one piece 🙂  And me and Cristina is agree that all Romanian girls are beautiful. Cristina and me has many common points. She likes music and cooking too. May be she is Libra  hehe who knows 😛  She sent me 100 the best Romanian receipts. I will put into practice  but I don’t know when 😉


So, at 11 of December, Brasov Symphony Orchestr gave  a small recital in Casa muresenilor…. it was good Sef was Florin who had lived in Turkey around 25 years and he speaks Turkish very well  , I’m amazed.  Here we see some sample photos from that day below;









Then at 13 of December , A group of young musicians gave us a passionate Guitar Recital. As a guest, there was a Spanish girl who played Violin. It was also nice, Visitors enjoyed.



Last even that happened today was ” Poet’s day … so member of  FUNDATIA CULTURA ARIANA and  Group of  Caii verzi de pe pereti   was there today to analyze Romanian literature and poets even reading some verses from the book

Laurenti Ciprian TUDOR was vice-moderator and moderator was  Poet Adrian Munteanu .They  managed all this event themselves with delicate presentations and expressions. He is sociologist (Laurenti)  in the same time , in addition to this, He writes poems, and I learnt that he has poem about ” Istanbul ” too . By the way, Caii verzi de pe pereti means ” Green horses on the wall , as one of my friend told me, this means ” To dream something, to hope something, or some fantasies that people have” . Plz  see the song of Smiley about this verses :     🙂


This link is about them, if you’re interested in—lansare-23–c8121–p567674.html

This link is about his poems and lyrics ;










I wish you great weekend! 

Hope you’ll see in your dream” caii verzi pe pereti” 😉 

Craciun Fericite si La multi ani ! 


Cu Inima si  Din Suflet,



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