Heaven of food,very warm.. I took shower with culture of Istanbul

As far as I remembered about this 2 weeks in Istanbul was that I had so much fun, joy , laughter and smile and tastes delicious  food of istanbul and of my mom ! 🙂

I’m lucky that I have this rich food culture, as we’re not lucky for some aspects, such as ” metrobus, small buses” crowd problems and lack of respect much.  I won’t say day by day what I did  but I can say half of holiday is spent on roads in buses , Istanbul is big .. I landed off to Sabiha gokcen airport and my brother took me with his car up to home. I’m welcomed my mom, I was so happy too see also my small sister hugged me in sweet way.

Everday I tried to do something, I met to my best friend Enes in Istanbul in Taksim and we have sat in starbucks and chatted a lot about how was our lifes so far etc. Istanbul was hot like 15 degrees, it is not joke 🙂

It made me smile to see people who wore up thick jacket by 10 degrees, i said that oh god are you crazy? I m about go to marmara sea and swim away 🙂

Ok let’ say , I made food schedule ,  it was like first day meatball, rice, compot, second day.. kebab, ayran baklava…. it was going like this, long list 🙂 I got fat more and what I missed most was fish 😉

I made car tour with my brother,  he drove me away sometimes,  I spent my ” revelion” with Romanian people in Turkish houses:))  I found them and met them , they’re great big family living in Istanbul and was speaking perfect turkish each of them , confusing, I visited them they gave me a lot of food, we listened romanian music and watched romanian tv from satellite:-)   Romanian woman cooked traditional food and some wine she gave me plus we put ornaments on our Christmas tree i took good photos, I ‘ll miss them …

Then next week I went to a “liberal author days” and ” memories” I met my friends again, and they were happy  to see me. IN same week, one another friend of mine. spent hapily time again .

I played with my sister many games 🙂  also with my cousin serra, she loved my game , all this game I learn from brasov from my organization so I applied them, they did not stay in the air 😉

My sister loved ” samuray game” and ” memory cards” my cousin loved  ” tiger, magician , monkey” game.. they teach this games to their friends too  and she told me ” my brother i played this games with my collegues in school” I was proud of her. Hope this games will spread out  and every single child will learn it all. Cuz we need this kind of creative games 😉

I balanced and I did not neglect nor my family nor my friends, so both became happy.. fun and modesty in one picture, this is what I like 😉




















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