Romanian’s devil

Don’t get me wrong, it woudn’t be article about Dracula, I am tolking about real devil. When everybady have been at home and celebrate X-mass time an New Year I had Romanian “back to the past” . Some how  I found in home Polish book about Nicolea Causescu, Romanian’s komunist and tyrant witch had under his thumps all country over 25 years. It will be only few lines, becouse this monster doesn’t deserve to pay attention about him.

-Romanian Comunist dyctator,

-he finished only 4 classes of primary school,

-set up Stalinists system,

-people called him Conducător ( leader) and Geniul din Carpaţi (Carpatian’s Genous),

– he didin’t want put to practis any reforms ,

-he destroied almost 20% of historical buildings in  Bucarest insted he builded blocks,

-set up tax for couples without children,

-impresions of him made visit in Republic od China and Mao’s system,

-thanks to Securitate he controlled all community,

-he lended 13 bilons of dolars and to get this many back he took them from Romanian people,

-it was nothing in shops to buy

-his wife Elena was his right hend and also devil,

-for Romanian people was forbiden contact with foreigners that’s mean for us will be impossible to be here.

And many many others….

Finnaly he and Elena they were killed after revolution in Timisoara in 1989, but why so late…..?

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