Wanna have big family in future? then be starbuck :)

I watched a really nice movie in new year holiday it is ” Starbuck” a production of 2011 ,  Players as far as I know from France

however , surname of character ‘s  is wozniak that sounded to me like Polish , i dont’ know 🙂  Briefly story of movie is ; One man in his past  decides to donate sperm  to have money from ” baby donut bank” . He really worked hard and finally his donut has been given to more than 500 babies and he earned huge amount of money. He is a man who is working as butcher together with his dad and brothers.


One day lawyer comes to his door saying”  you got registered over 500 babies, congratulations! and his all life changes.. A film that sometimes makes us think, sometimes laugh and sometimes makes us holds up an example of life experiments on his way. Highly recommended, may be we might watch this all together oncoming weeks , why not 😉



Source of photo : Google images

O zi buna  



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