There is no time to get bored! :)

I’m here in Romania as you all know and I have spent crazy times full of laughter and smiling people who helped me.. to be honest , I liked all of what I did here , holding from trips till ateliers and workshops and activities I involved. It is not only belongs to someone else, also belong to you cuz simply If you want to learn something, you just learn without any question.!

You must avoid all prejudgments and smile to people and give your happiness make them feel you like them or you’re with them always does not matter If some day you will leave them and keep apart… so with this thought, I have done something that I did not do so far in most of time. I started to learn and draw attention to ” Bijuteries, necklaces, bracelets, colorful papers, beads, glasses, homemade candles and most important that I considered is ” Origami” art… it is like endless  journey to the bottom of world… you folder and folder.. forever…you do same motions however things get different forms 🙂













In addition to this, I started to make  ” charcoal pencil” illustrations as well with my own decision therefore , I made ” Bran castle” with pleasure! :p who knows what next will be 😉

I hanged up my origami on my ceiling 🙂 they look greatttt and adorable.. i feel like they will come to life and speak with me some day or may be angels will give ” soul” to my origami butterfly and she will fly away with her wings freely 😉

Don’t wait to make handmade things till your hairs got grey , do that right now before it is too late… it is worth to do it.  As Kelly Clarkson says some people waits for a lifetime for a moment like this 😉


I recommend you to go ” Galeria Creativ” in Brasov to buy for this kind of ” Bijuteri and creative items and materials” you can create awesome things , I was there and I’m pleased to be there definetely 😉

I give you contact adress so that you can discover too! 🙂


Galeria Creativ
Brasov, Str. Al.Ioan Cuza nr.24
tel: 0740 838085 (Pentru comenzi online)
Program magazin virtual Luni-Vineri 09:00 – 17:30

Also you can see their website like this,

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