Fun bulletin of the week ! ;)

Buna Seara!


I hope you spend a chock-full week with all friends or preferably by yourself . If you want to innovate , develop something that you might never tried nor applied, I have tricks for u. Not only workshop, bijuteri or atelier, but also pretty objectives of Romania to go if you’re thinking to set off journey soon 😉

Where to go ?



Castle of Cantacuzino is located  in ” Busteni” you can take train ( morning cheaper 😛 ) and it takes 1 hour to reach there. Entrance 20 LEI and if you wanna take photo, you ought to pay 10 lei more , worth to go right? 😉


What to do ?


485257_370397466401390_1570640045_n ( 1 )


Cute Little sock cat

What tools you need?

–  Scissor, a pairs of sock, cotton,  Threads, pin, normal pencil or color pencils

The photo I gave you enough to explain what’s process to do it 🙂

So, take all of good luck with it 😉


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