Enjoyable and creative moments with kids in Directia Social Service


Since   the beginning of January, I started to go to ” Day Care Center for Children” of Directia de Servicii Sociale Brasov.  It was almost one month ago when I met lovely children from there and their teacher Lily.. from my observations, She is nice, caring person of all her kids under her responsibility . First time, I was confused when I hugged all kids put smiles on their face, they’re full of life, energy and they do every thing with wistfulness in that Social service.  We go always  from the behind of school and trying to be on time.

In January, We went there  with other volunteers Oggy, Anna,Carmen and me.   The Idea was to play creative and non-formal games  with children ages ranked as ” 7-8-9-10-11-12……”  We went there in the morning and gathered all children in one big room and basically we started by playing ” Energizers” with them.  Energizers were supposed to be like catching fingers,  throwing balls and introductions and games were supposed to   played  such as Magician-tiger..,  also I made suprise teaching to children  ” Turkish words” They learnt so good, We became fastly friend with them.  Eventually, we hugged them and landed a kiss on their chick. It was lovely day….

After one month,  once again My collegues  Mirelle, Jennifer and Mahilla  , we went to same social center  and made ” Martisoare  ” with kids teaching them methods and how to do about, and then in rest of time We gave them cards with soil and seeds which we made for Photo exhibition of National parks of Romania. One of boys already opened the soil and feeded his plants immediately 🙂    Children had fun so much and I’m pretty sure they learnt something from this workshop on which they will repeat in future by themselves.


Thank you Lily for hosting us and giving us chance to work with you, I hope we will go there again to make children suprise up again.

Have a nice week


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