Enjoy with Hippo games for kids and teenagers

Hippo was the idea in which we can able   teach and play some non-formal games with kids and teeangers, to be more spesific, aged between 2-18 included in door and outdoor games. In last summer, Volunteers of As Colors as whole were in Tractorul Park. We played outdoor games which make children excited and fun.  We wished that we can do it again although winter condition came back strongly.  So we found a way.. Amusements never ending for young generation. We created a serii of week including Hippo indoor activities that contain Board games, Puzzles, Creative workshops, Painting on paper or on wall, handmade stuff, Origami, Music games, Instruments, unsatisfied adrenalins and gifts for lovely kids. Some weeks ago, a group of children visited us to play games . They were amazing, so talented, clever and open-eyed.  We had fun too as well as they had fun with us. They created, they became happier and their parents as well. 382327_556527744364979_871766663_n

Last week,  we met again for Hippo 6 Simturi in our activity center and this time we welcomed coming of ” spring” ( Primavara) We painted, we played Bingo,  Jenga, and creative workshops ( we don’t forget to warm ourselves up before we start games ) If you’re interested in our Hippo games, Either your parents could register in website named http://plinideidei.ro/inscrie-te  or if you’re teenager, either yourself.  At 16 of March we will have ” Hippo 6 Simturi -Gust, Miros” in activity center (Mircea Cel batran Nr. 4) , Let’s join us!


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