Scoala Altfel Days


How are you? I hope you’re fine  all. This week has been declared as ” Scoala Altfel ” (Other or different school in English ) by Ministry of Education in Romania.  The Idea was for all school to get children involved  into creativity, thinking, developing and sharing without much focus and pressure of regular teachers in their schools in which actively keeping on their educational process and working in more likely carrying out ” formal” education methods.  This week was important for us , volunteers as well as children from each school especially Brasov city in which we volunteers work with.   The Activity ideas have been prepared some weeks ago and were ready to be implemented and taking its own results in the end. And  now, Let’s see through these  three days what did we do and how we worked?

The First of Scoala Altfel started by Monday with participation of teenagers that were over 25 people   from 8th class from School 13 in Brasov. It was morning and we thought they reached us with big expectations so we could read that from their eyes besides innocence  of not knowing what to do.  I and my colleagues  played energizers and games with them in the early’s of morning.  They seemed they have been enjoying so much in addition to fact that quality of games were bespoken to their ages. Especially the one in which they were belting down balls and try to catch goals were pleased by them. On the second phase, We offered them  a ” teamwork-training” game about protecting eggs.  The idea is that teenagers splitted into groups and obliged to create protection for eggs so that they can’t ever broken by outer factors when we threw them through our window.   Eventually, They created stories about a life of Octopus watching it from an animation movie.

In second day, we were  in Scoala 13 located in Tractorul with participation of Small kids that ranged between 6-7 ages group and so we splited into 3 groups as local and international  volunteers and each team managed around 20 kids playing with them, preparing posters on which they stuck images about ” Hippo makes sport” ( Hippo face sport)  and prepared cute rabbits all together.

In the last day, We went to Scoala 11  and we’ve played  with children energizers and games such as shoot game, clapping hands and catch the fingers and then like we used to do for previous children, we splitted into groups. Children were  preparing poster with Hippo thema and then created rabbits.  We had really fun together and finished the last day of Scoala Altfel in that school.

All of us liked this idea for students in this special week and we appreciated.

       ” Let’s raise Non-formal  education up “




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