Predeal – Brasov

Hey ! Ce faci?

it has been a long time since i upload a blog. I had great 2 weeks. First we went to wasnt far away from here. I had really good time with 60 volunteers from 23 Europan countries. It was great.. I met with a lot of people and we made lots of activities in our training. I miss all these people after a week. Because end of this week we were like a big family..

During that week we learnt all about evs, Romania, culture differences..I think it was a benefit training. We made lots of group work, culturel exchanges. And also we heard some problems between volunteers and organisations..And i really want to say thanks to my organisation. They are always with us no doubt !! Now everybody has an idea about other countries and about Romania. I really enjoyed with it. And about Predeal its a city middle of mountains. To be honest it was great to see some snow again ! 😀 And actually we had a good hotel..Except eating everyday Chicken – Potatoooo !  So i know that if i wanna travel somewhere, i have home allllll around Romania !

a picture from trainings.

Some of volunteers from another cities they decided to visit Brasov and they joined us. I had really good time with them again. We became free guide to them. And when i heard ‘’ Brasov is great city ! You are so lucky ! ‘’ i felt too proud. And i understand 1 more time that I am soo lucky 🙂

Group picture with other volunteers.

After back from Predeal i feel more motivated to do stuff so thats so amazing. When we back to Brasov, we had a really hard week. Because after all trainings, fun, parties we back to real work. Even if it was a hard week, i think that i improved myself. I mean we worked with kids all week long and everyday we made activities, we learnt some of words from Romanian, we always tried to find the same common. Even if we dont speak much Romanian they were always talking with us and they suppose that we were understand them all the time. Somehow this 2 weeks was enough great to me. I believe in i improved myself and i get enough experiences.


Thats alll from me ! Take care !

Pe mai Tarziu !!



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  1. maria says:

    servus, Ogie 🙂
    Frumos scris jurnalul tău, mă bucur că ai petrecut zile frumoase la Predeal cu voluntari şi cu copii şi că ţi-e bine la Braşov! Wish U good luck every day 🙂

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