Cluj- Baia Mare and Hitch Hiking !

Heyy Ce Fac???

I know that ı should have written before but you know sometimes i feel soooooooo lazy and dont wanna do anything… But today i am in goood mood and let’s start !! Adventures of Oggy !

Anyway i got great memories about last weeks.. I dont know where can i start. I spend my 5 days vacation with great people in Cluj and Baia Mare. Adrian, Vaida, Velichka, Sophie, Johana, Emir, Ilze, Mhaira, Ann, Heili and of course Ruben who has become my brother here in Romania.

A picture from Cluj nights.

First time in my life i went somewhere by train in Romania ! And i was alone. Actually it was great experience for me J I believe in like that ! I was totally exciting about this trip and ı even didnt know that where i was going to sit in train 😀 then i asked someone they showed my way and ı found my seat. I stayed with 3 old lady ! All way long we have never ever spoken eachother. And after i decided to shave my facebread then I went to toilet to shave. After I back they said something in Romanian but I didn’t understand then they showed me some signs like its good J so it made me too happy ! you know body language works in everywhere 😀  So after I arrived to cluj my friends Adrian and Ruben took me from train station to home. After home I met with night life of Cluj ! It was totally easy to understand differences between Cluj and Brasov. As I see Cluj is student city. So much young population.  I really liked Cluj, so nice architecture and atmosphere there..Botanic Garden, Main Square and others.. It was good city and I am thinking to go there again in Eurovision time. Cuz I wanna join to eurovision party in Cluj !

From Botanic Garden !

Let’s find Ruben !

After 2 days visiting Cluj we went to Baia Mare ! With hitch hiking.. I never ever made hitch hiking before in my life.. It was really strange !  We were 7 people and we separated the groups like girls ( Aija, Ilze – Latvia, Mhaira- Scotland) and boys ( Ruben, Adrian – Spain, Emir – Macedonia and me ). And first we stoped the car and girls said ‘‘ go boys ’’ then we went with car but we even didn’t know about big surprise..first, driver said he s going to baia mare but after someone has called him then he said he is going to dej.. And we didn’t have any choose except saying okay ! And we wait in dej almost 2 hours while we were waiting there,  girls has already found a car and they arrived to Baia Mare before than us.. And finaly someone took us to car. But he was totally crazy guy… I wish that he was sitting in Brasov. Even if I don’t speak with him in Romanian, he was great guy.. The car has smelled like palinka..We listened all way long manele, we learnt Romanian people afraid to take Turkish and Macedonian people to their car. And  he told us about some political problems that he doesn’t like Angela Merkel and he was saying several times

‘‘ Angela Merkel doi Hitler doi Hitler Angele Merkel doi Hitler ’’

Baia mare 90 !


Some how we came to 40 km far away from Baia Mare.. And we waited there almost 45 min and we found a car..But this guy was good..My friend Ruben was telling to number of Aija to Adrian and he started to count numbers, suddenly the guy who is driver he started to count from 1 to 10 in Romanian- German- Hungarian- French- İtalian- Portuguese and English.. 😀 And we surprised of course 😀 Anyway somehow we arrived to Baia Mare.. 😀

And I also liked Baia Mare..İt was cool city. We went parties as well and we travel around like we went to Sapanta to funny cemetery..First time In my life I smiled in cemetery. And we cross the border and for 15 mins I have been to Ukrain 😀 We visited famous monastery which is the highest one. And after when we were waiting car we started talk with 3 old lady and one of them she called her daughter and we started to talk English. And they invite us to home ( Ann and Heili from Estonia, Ruben and me ) when we went to home she started to bring us lots of food like meat, cakes, bread and really great soup !!! It was like my culture.. This kind of things makes me love this country !


A funny picture 🙂 we ve just called her to take our picture but she wanted to be part of our picture 😀

Hospitable Romanian people !


And after I back to Brasov with hitch hiking again. But it was too easy if you ask why ? I was with 2 Estonian girls 😀 so..We started to hitch hiking around 9 oclock and we were in home at quarter past nine..

So its such a long story about my adventures. I hope you like it ! That’s all from me !

La revedere !

Ps. I got new hobby now

–         HİTCH HİKİNG !!!

Hitch Hiking easy with 2 Estonian girls 😉

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