Arrival to Brasov and chilling out …… ( Sinaia Castle )

Merhaba ! 🙂

Arrived to Bucharest around afternoon and  then took train to Brasov so our mentor Luci and Claudia has welcomed us warmly.  We went to office and to make some documents , you know.. signing  up and rest of things…


We have been taught how to get home and etc. I learned that I will stay with 3 guys in home ( Hopefully not forever 🙂 ) I unpacked my stuff but just a little bit.  And, all I remember that I was tired and slept well. I felt a bit cultural shock but not much cuz I have been already to some European countries.


If beauty of romanian girls are meant to be cultural shock, yes  I say it 🙂  Buses are old in Brasov. Another thing that , I think I love Romanian language. Luci told me  we will learn Romanian language from beginning of June, so I’m happy coz I will communicate with local people and try to understand them.


I’m confused we have a  lot of words in common 🙂 Let me count  below :


Pabuc, Bilet, Pantolon, Baklava, kebap   and some words more that I don’t remember 😉


Furthermore, We went to Sinaia which was small city nearby Brasov . It was leisure activity with elderly people. There is big loyal castle in Sinaia that we got around. Finally, We took picture with elderly people. But it was stupid to see taking photo inside of castle is not allowed. Special thanks to Claudia and Luci cause  they helped us in translation of what guide said.


What sucks  is changing  weather of Brasov and especially this part of Romania. It feels like always raining drop by drop.  Anyways , we turned back to Brasov got home. Recently, I know how to get Livada postei and Long street / I don’t know how to write in romanian  🙂


And of course, I know how to get Gara de la Brasov which is not so far from centre.


Guys and  girls are nice. But we need time.


I learned few words and sentence   as below :


Ket coste … Te Iubesc, cu, numele, Vreau se, Multsumesk and will come soon more 🙂


I will write more but it all depends what I’m experiencing from Romania, so wait more:)




Bine, bine,






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