— I miss my room..

I miss decor of my room.. I got a big couch on the right side of room. Its a huge one, it’s for my friends ( who wants to sleep in my home ) Sometimes i stay there and enjoy or just lay and watch movie from there. My bed is middle of my room. And it’s a single bed ( to be honest i slept there with many people so that..even if single it doesnt matter :p ) the wall which is behind my bed, i have really big London table.. And on the left of table there is one poster of Lebron James.. On left side of my bed there is one big wardrobe..Next to it i have a worktable which is big one and full with books.. And opposite to my bed i have 2 big rack.. I have some presents which i took from people or some important things for me. On the racks i have a picture.. I forget to painter but its like : half women and she is saying  ” şştttt ”

I really miss to spent time in my room..

— Breakfast on the balcony

I miss to make  breakfast in our balcony.. I could see big mountains from our balcony its not that much far away from us. We usually do breakfast in  balcony. And our traditional Turkish breakfast is the best for me ! You can find lots of  olive, cheese, eggs with olive oil, toast, fresh domato and cucumber…And how can i forget about fresh tucks.



— Rush Hours !

We have a bus  and this bus is going to center.. But we have this bus in every 30 mins. The thing is that this bus is coming 5 mins late or 5  mins early.. Thats why i should run all the time 🙂 if you catch its ok but if you dont catch you have to wait 30 min more.

— Bars Street..

It’s really hard to find somewhere like Bar’s Street in Braşov cuz at 23.00 life is stopping here.. I really miss to go there with my friends and hang out till the morning with people which you like or be friend with a person which is foreign ( probably they re from irleand – england- belguim guys ) or make love with a foreign girl which you never remember face or some information about her next morning.

— Walk on the beach

I really miss to walk on the beach. Wherever you go nothing great like walk on beach 🙂 Probably whereever i go i usually use beach way.. When i am going to meet with my friends or  if i am going to cafe or if i am going gym or somewhere.. The funniest part all the time some of my friends are sitting in cafe’s and so that if they see me they call me to sit. And if i sit i usually be late to everywhere.


— Beer on the hill

I really miss to top of hill with my friends and watch the all Kuşadası. I usually go there and speak with fellas or drinking beer or just meet without alcohol 😀  or if we drink alcohol, we usually go  one game park under the hill.. And we were doing crazy things in that game park.. I really miss that funny times. We got lots of videos about that but its still our secret 🙂

— I miss to go to Gökay’s home.

My bestfriend Gökay lives in old part of city and there is famous with old greek houses. There is little bit top of city and if you wanna go there in the some point you can be out of breath. But its also so nice to walk in that part cuz you can feel the history. When you get in the home you can feel little bit tired but when you look from window all Kuşadası is under the your feets..


— Journey between cities.

I really miss journey between cities. In my country we have really big autobahns, we have airport in every city, comfortable, relaxed standard autobus companies, cheap airway companies. And even if  ship transport.. The thing is that in Romania connection between cities  not so good. A small examble : Our buses are going to a city in 2 hours but in Romania trains are going the same direction in 6 or 7 hours.. The thing is that our plane ticket and bus ticket almost the same price so that buses they are trying the give you best like : free drinks, we cakes or some snacks, confortable seats..


So i will keep going to write.. This is only first part.

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