The Rasnov's Treasure

No one told me that Rasnov has a treasure, one of the best richness over Transylvania, located in the peak of a high hill, exposed to the glance of everybody but visible only for a few people. This is not a regular treasure like the pirates used to prosecute over the seas, or like gangsters ambitioned under secret underworlds, even like Indiana Jones dreamed with in the well-known “Temple of Doom”. This treasure sleeps under each stone, and no one can touch its golden essence. However, people who works there knows very well about the uniqueness that Citadel of Rasnov hides, because this smell leaks through the bottom of the well, climbing the widely embedded stones of its walls, charming with its special Memories to all employees and volunteers that work there.

I am a humble journalist and my coordinator, Claudia, sent me to Rasnov citadel for two weeks in order to gathering some information about voluntary service. At the beginning I felt a bit lazy: “Gau, I have to wake up earlier, check the bus schedule constantly and walk from the station till the citadel”. Later, I checked through the Internet and I saw some photos, read some articles and learning a bit more about the History of this place. In this moment I felt better because I considered it as a privilege. I felt good about going there, having free entrance and the opportunity of interviewing both, the staff and volunteers. “It can be curious”- I though.

Ok,  ok, It’ll be curious…..said to myself the night before, while I was finishing my last cup of tea, just before going to bed. I remember that there was light in my room and on my hand a glass of crystal. But suddenly…. my room was dark…. and my hand contained a candle almost finished. The sparkle went out and my view became totally black. And I felt scared, but yet decided don’t be panic and sleep till the next day. I took my pillow as it was my lover, and considering the fact that I had to sleep alone in this so big bed, I didn’t have any piety with the folds of my sheets!……..All seemed to be silent…..but sometimes the appearances are not true. Because I started to heard something through the darkness, a sort of murmurs,….but what the hell is that?….the murmurs were closer and closer to me, and my heart started to run faster and faster. I got it! It was something like shouts in the distance, similar to a battle between Saxons and Turkish trops! like one day took place at Rasnov Citadel. They were fighting in my room, inside my cupboard, behind my bed, among my clothes! Of course, I am very ordered girl, and all this noise, oh good, that’s awful, “tomorrow I have to work in Rasnov and I will have big shiners in my face!”….Consequently, I woke up from my bed and cried to the crowd: Be Quiet! ….I said Silent! Ey, ey my dear invaders and your dear band of horses: but you don’t care if tomorrow I have to work very early? Come on, we are in the XXI century. Now, if you want to overrun any property, you must to create any pretext, like that I have massive destruction bombs or that I will experiment in my bedroom with nuclear power or…simply, you can knock my door soflty! But not like 300 years ago, come on, without any advice, this is old-fashion style. Look, I don’t believe in princess nor blue princes,  but I like knights!

In this moment, I couln’t believe it! They stopped the fight, put muzzles to their horses and apologized to me! It was incredible, I only said them  a few words and look at their reaction. Oh, God, if this people had studied Protocol, they would be really cool, even better than Margaret Thatcher o Wiston Churchill! So, with this good mood, we decided to sign the peace and have a good night, speaking about quotidian and practical things of the present: summer-love histories, how the Euribor works and why Manele is so successful. They were really curious about Modern Times. Perhaps I should have spoken more about other realities: why people forget the History so fast, the German philosophers or the Religion and gender problems in Turkey….but sincerely, I don’t care about it. I took their phone numbers and I am quite sure that, when the appropriate moment arrives, I will speak seriously with them, maybe in a good music concert (they told me about Lady Gaga…ups!).

…you still don’t know what is this treasure of Rasnov?….of course, because I didn’t tell you….yet.



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