Kingdom of lost things

Title page of book "Ole Worma Museum Wormianum", Amsterdam 1655   Before your eyes get to see something in twilight, before you could be able to distinguish shapes of things hidden in the darkness, the smells is your guide in this kingdom of lost stuff. At first you smell dust mixed with ground after the raining and old basement, reminding a very old things or books. Then your eyes start to recognize single shapes which appear step... Read More

The Rasnov's Treasure

No one told me that Rasnov has a treasure, one of the best richness over Transylvania, located in the peak of a high hill, exposed to the glance of everybody but visible only for a few people. This is not a regular treasure like the pirates used to prosecute over the seas, or like gangsters ambitioned under secret underworlds, even like Indiana Jones dreamed with in the well-known “Temple of Doom”. This treasure sleeps under each stone, and no... Read More